Blair Witch

Made in Taiwan has taken on a new meaning with the success of Chthonic. More and more new metal bands try their luck outside of their native borders. Blair Witch is a promising black metal band. Ice answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

When the movie Blair Witch came it was revelation in film making. Do you see Blair Witch the band as a revelation too?
-Well, actually this name was given by our ex-drummer. She likes this movie and wanted this band showing girls’ power. But now, we turn it to describe greedy, depressive and anger emotion of humanity.

Why did you pick Blair Witch as your band name? Is there any greater history to choosing that name?
-As I mentioned, it was our ex-drummer who chose it because she likes the atmosphere of this movie.

Where would Blair Witch be without the Scandinavian black metal scene? Would you still sound the way you do?
-Black metal from Scandinavian is the main influence to the song writer of this band. But, we also add some part of Asian melody in our music. We try to create our own style.

What else inspire/influence you? Are movies like the old Swedish silent movie Haxan part of your inspiration?
-Not even movies, we see the dark side of human. We write about it.

Taiwan might not be the most well known place for metal bands to come from. How important is it that bands like Chthonic are well known worldwide for you to get international and national press coverage?
-I would like to thank this band. They try so hard to make this place well-known. It is very important to metal bands here because promoters will start to pay attention to discover bands from Taiwan. My band had got invitation overseas several times because of this reason.

Even in mainland China we see a growing metal scene. Is your part of the world taking over the global metal scene?
-Yes, we do. We listen to and discover metal bands from anywhere.

Being so far away from Europe/USA what challenges do you face in promoting the band?
-The most difficult part is searching labels and join metal festivals overseas. As you know, some famous labels are in Europe or USA. It is hard to get contact with them because we are not really big bands. Of course, there are so many good bands in those two areas. We have to trying hard and improve ourselves as well.

How important are the different social medias in the promotion of the band? Which social media has given you the greatest response so far?
-I think that is really important. Well, we don’t have chance to be reported by main social media. Internet is the best way to promote ourselves.

There need to be some that are forerunners before the general population take notice. The Taiwanese metal scene seems to be growing. Why do we see so few metal bands from Taiwan, South Korea etc. making it big outside of each respective countries/Asia?
-I think this relates to the location and languages. In Taiwan, we have to always fly if we want to have gigs in different countries. Money is the biggest problem. Without work, we don’t have money to live. About language, most of people in Asian are afraid of speaking English. The main part is, we always feel not enough for our skills of music. I saw many great bands in South Korea when I was there but musicians there always think themselves not good enough. Metal scene there is pretty good as well. By the way, my friend, SEED from South Korea will attend Gothenburg Deathfest in November.

To me every Asian society seems to be so strict and disciplined. Everybody has their place and nobody sticks out. How are you viewed as musicians by your society?
-Haha, We often be viewed by news channels as we use drugs and party all day long during some music festivals. Well, maybe most of us like drinking and party but we act like normal people. News always makes people think we are bad but those festivals which be caught using drugs are not metal festival. News channel here sucks!

You’ve done shows outside of Taiwan. What kind of response do you get from these crowds?
-We’ve been to Korea and Hong Kong. Both of them are really good memories. We got pretty good response from metalheads there. Especially Hong Kong, metalheads there are really crazy!

What are your intentions with Blair Witch for the future?
Keep creating, Asia tour and Worldwide tour of course!


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