BLAMESHIFT might be new to those of you outside of the States but should not be totally unknown for the rest of you guys as they are a hard touring band. With a work ethic like that I just had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Blameshift seems like a hard working band. What is it that you like to get out of all the touring you do? Where do you want Blameshift to take you?
-We are an extremely hard working band. We wouldn’t be the band we are or have gotten to the level we have gotten without the touring. At this point in the music industry, independent bands have to tour. That is the best way to spread the word about the band.

Can you explain to me why something that works in the States can also work in a place like Germany or Sweden? What is it about the American culture that is so universal?
-I think that with music, America is kind of the pioneer. A lot of the trends are set here and then spread out to other countries. For this reason, American music and American bands often do really well overseas. I also think that America is more saturated and some other countries are in need of music, so they eat it up.

When you do a video like you guys have what intentions do you have with it? Is it well spent money that will pay up later on?
-The purpose of a music video is to give the fans a visual to connect with the music. When they hear that particular band they will always remember what it felt like to watch the video. Music is very visual as well, so a music video really helps with that. And, yes the investment is definitely worth it. Making a music video for Ghost was one of the best things we have ever done as a band!

How hard is it today to promote yourself with so many other bands competing for the same audience?
-It’s extremely hard. These days anybody can start a band, record, have fans and play shows. You have to have something that stands out to fans and gets their attention. But, I also am a firm believer that bands are not in competition with each other. There is no limit on how many bands a person can like.

How do you go about setting yourself apart? Is it as easy as having good songs and an image that says something? How do you go about acquiring that then?
-Well having a female singer already sets us apart from the norm. But, it is definitely more than that. I don’t think it’s just about good songs and an image. I think you have to have the drive and the motivation too. This is a very cut throat industry and you have to have thick skin. It never hurts to have something in your music that sets you apart…it can even be an original voice. I think our live show sets us apart from other bands in our genre. We run a full light show and perform in a club like we would in a huge stadium!

Is the physical album a dead art form? Has the album format outplayed its usefulness?
-I really hope it’s not a dead art form. We, as a band, personally grew up on the physical albums. It was so exciting to go buy a CD and read all the lyrics, the thank you’s, look at the artwork, etc. It was a thrill. I think that kids still enjoy that feeling, but it is so much easier just to download songs from iTunes. I don’t believe that it will die out any time soon though. People will always still love having a physical CD.

How do you go about maintaining an audience?s attention for a full set of songs when they with just a mouse click can jump to the next interesting thing?
-You just have to be genuine. Fans can sense music that is real and from the heart. You can only do as much as you can do. Not everybody is going to be a fan. But, for us, we just try to stay true to who we are and hope that fans can connect to that!

What role does the social Media play in bringing the demise of the way I grew up consuming music, an album at a time?
-I think it is just a different time and we can’t look back. I don’t think that social media will bring the demise of music, I just think it will change the way we actually consume it. Music will never die…we just have to adapt with the times and realize that things never stay the same.

Do you see any danger in shooting the horse that feeds you when it comes to playing along with the new way of consuming music?
-As I said, I think that bands must change with the times. We have to change the way we get our music out to fans. Sites like twitter and facebook can be over saturated but they are such a great way to connect with fans and at such a fast pace. Another great way to connect to fans in the new music platform is licensing. Getting songs in commercials, tv, film, video games is very important for bands since CD sales are down.

What can we expect from Blameshift in the future?
-A LOT of touring. We spend almost the whole year on the road. That is where we are at home. We will also be releasing a new CD sometime in the next few months. Make sure to check us out on facebook ( and help spread the word! We can’t wait to meet new fans out on the road!

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