Melodeath isn’t just a regional occurrence. All over the world we see bands adapting to this style and with mixed results. One of the better ones is Blasphemist. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

What were the reasons for Blasphemist to form?
-We were just friends from school with the same love: METAL, we were amazed by the stage performance of some metal bands that settled around our hometown, groups like black painted reality (R.I.P), ivory motivated us and we started to do our own stuff.

You guys aren’t that old so what metal albums was it that got you into metal in the first place?
-That’s a really hard question, but looking backwards there was this old in flames stuff, slayer, s.o.a.d. and some other like black metal or core but here are our all-time favourites of today:
florian : slipknot – welcome to our neighbourhood
lukas : at the gates – slaughter of the soul
michael : the black dahlia murder – deflorate
alexander : necrophagist – epitaph
moritz : obituary – the end complete
stefan : nile – ithyphallic

When you form a band do you have a game plan that you want to follow or do you go by gut feeling in forming your sound?
-the fact that this is the first band for 4 of us, means that pretty everything went by gut until this record but alongside to our growth, we created some kind of plan ;).

What is it that is so great with the Swedish melodeath scene? How do you take that sub-genre even further ahead?
-we think that this scene has so much room to expand, its a kind of metal in which you can blow up the borders, do experiments and try something new, but its staying melodeath in its heart. different vocal styles, riffing and drumbeats. That althogether compines various influences that’s how BLASPHEMIST works, it’s probably modern old school swedish melodeath but who cares about genres!

With two vocalists isn?t it hard to write songs that utilize both the most?
yes and no. we always try to get the best out of them and that works very good, but sometimes it’s not easy to find the right part for the right one!

I like your art work. I kind of remind me of Iconographic art work. The chaos of creation. What intentions do you have with the art work?
-thanks we love it too it was made by this french guy his name is nico//fracturelab, but we haven’t thought of creation, it symbolizes the struggle of mankind with the different forms of faith and leadership, that are shown in the corona around the head of this partly rotting shape, they try to takeover it’s mind and independence and drag it into a fight against itself.

How hard was it for you guys to get a record deal? What was it that brought you the attention of Noisehead Records?
-first it was kind of hard to get noticed, but some crazy metalheads recommended us to them and since then they were hungry to sign us!

With an album out how do you take it from here? How are you going to promote the hell out of the album now?
-we’re on facebook 24/7, some very good booking agencies and of course NOISEHEAD Records spam through the web ,we have our youtube channel blasphemisttv and furthermore we do some talk with people at concerts, bars and clubs and at every other oppertunity!

There might be a vibrant underground scene in Austria but I can?t think of too many metal bands that has made it big. Why is the Austrian metal scene so badly represented on the global metal scene?
-we don’t think that it’s badly represented, for instance bands like pungent stench and belphegor or the sorrow made their way around the world, it just takes longer to get noticed in this small but very promising country, but in the last few years some very good foundations like, rotting hill, the whiplasher metalzine or sona booking have been created to dig out some kickass austrian metal right to the face of earth! maybe you’ll soon hear of norikum, death construction or aphotic excess!

When you play outside of Austria does it feel like you represent the whole Austrian metal scene?
-we would love to know that very soon, but unfortunately all our concert outside (italy, slovenia, germany,…) were being cancelled of some really shitty reasons.
yeah that was bad luck, but wer’re looking forward to play in france and switzerland soon!

How important is playing live for Blasphemist? Is it hard to get people to come out of hiding behind a computer screen and into a live concert?
-this is probably the most important thing for us, we love being on stage, intarcting with the audience and doing our stuff in front of some likeminded metalheads! no the austrian metalscene is very motivated and always headbanging, not a single one would miss a concert for hiding behind a screen, not even princess zelda could make this happen!

If you look beyond this new album where do you see Blasphemist?
-we look at us doing rehearsels for our next headblasting record, playing shows, drinking some cold beer with our fans and doing the next interview with you ;)!

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