I came upon Sweden’s BLEEDING UTOPIA by chance but they impressed me enough to wanting to know more about them and an interview was the obvious choice. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

With some distance between you and the studio session what feelings do you have for the album now?
A: Well I still think it´s a damn good album. We learned a lot in the recording process and I think the next album will go smoother to record, but we are proud of it and are already writing on our next album.

When you are in the studio how conscious are you of the finished result? Do you record the whole album and then go back and listen to it correcting small faults or do you work on just one track until it is done to perfection?
A: We first do pre-productions of the songs when we write them. And then we try to fix all the details and everything before we enter the studio. But there are always new ideas and stuff born in the studio to try, haha. But we often do instrument by instrument until we are satisfied. First we do the drums (to a guide guitar) until we are happy with the result and then guitars-bass-vocals etc etc. BUT we always have a vision how we want it to sound and how we will record it. But as I said there are always new ideas to try out in the studio but we always know how we want the finished product to sound. We don?t want to dig to much in it after its done?only a bit in the mixing process, because we still want the recording to sound as the feeling we had when we recorded it. It always what’s best right now for us.

How do you know that you are done in the studio and it is time to release the finished result on record?
A:That’s a difficult question. We have a guide line. Don´t overdo it. If you can´t do it live with the instrument you got in the band don´t do it on the record. We don´t want to have backing tracks and stuffs like that. We just want to plug in the guitar and rock and we want that everything we do on a recording we can do live. When we are happy and can´t stop head banging and none of the songs seems boring to listen to we think we are done, haha.

For those of us (me especially) that know very little about the band can you please give us a short introduction?
A:Ok, BLEEDING UTOPIA from Sweden. Playing a combo of 90´s Gothenburg death metal, Thrash metal and new Americano melodic death metal. The band was born in late 2009 by Andreas (guitar), Lawrence (Drums) and David (bass). They asked their old friends Henrik, from ex Skyfire, Mornaland, Favilla, to join in on vocals and Joakim to join in on guitar and the band was born.
We have over 60 years (together) in the metal scene and we know what we want and how we like to sound. Our influences are everything from old school death like Dismember, Entombed and Grave to more melodic metal as Dissection, Amon Amarth, At the gates and Black dahlia murder. Even extreme death as Nile and black metal are influences to us. I would like to think that we live by: A good song is a good song no matter what?

When you picked the band name did you just go for two words that sounded good together or was there a greater purpose to the band name?
A: oohh..I can’t really remember. I think we had a couple of band names up for suggestion and we had 2 that where our favorites, so I think we just took BLEEDING from one name and UTOPIA from the other name. We thought that is was a cool name for starters and the meaning that UTOPIA (the perfect world) are bleeding are so right. There is no perfect world out there the perfect world are born from within yourself, from your own ideas and your own imagination. Only you can bring yourself UTOPIA… and that other people are trying to step all over other people and destroying their dreams and telling them that they can’t do things. And until that stops the UTOPIA is BLEEDING.
Damn, that sounded so cheese but you know what I mean.

Is a utopian society sustainable? Aren’t we heading more for a dystopian world? There seem to be no end to the misery.
A: I don’t thing we ever can reach utopia. There are too many idiots out there, haha. But I don’t think a utopian world would work either you know there must be black if we want white, there must be an up if there shall be a down. It’s about doing the best of the situation… and never stop dreaming, never stop believing then maybe just maybe you can reach utopia within yourself.

How political do you consider the band to be? Is politics and music a good combination?
A: I don’t consider us to be a political band… but we have songs about war and brainwashed humans and religion so maybe a little bit political. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad combination. It depends. If you make people think it’s good.

Looking at your art work I get an abstract feeling. Is there something you’d like to say with the art work?
A: Well, there are always 2 sides of every story. There is always more than 1 path to choose. Either you hate us or you love us. It’s about the choices in life. We think it reflect the title ”Demons to some Gods to others” very well.

How do you know what will and will not work as art work when you decide on it? What kind of process do you go through when choosing art work?
A: We contact a guy or girl that we think do great stuff then we tell him or her about the title and what we mean with the title. Then they comes up with 1 or 2 or maybe 3 ideas and present them to us and we pick the one we like the most and they start to work with that one. The artist often get free hands when it comes to the artwork. So if they feel what we feel about the title its good. For this album Henrik at H.E.W design did a great job and captured the title very well.

Where do you see the band going and where would you like to see the band going?
A: I see the band going in the direction what we want right now. It’s going forward. We would like to tour the world with bands like Amon Amarth, Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth and bands we really like. We would just like to have a blast out on the roads and make good albums, meat great people, eat strange food and drink strange booze and just have the time of our life, and if we make a buck or two that would be awesome to. We are a hard working band so we will do everything we can to get more fans and play more shows and bigger festivals and sell some albums and t-shirts, haha.

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