I came upon BLOOD OF THE SUN through seeing the cover to one of their three previous albums. I liked the image on it and ordered all three LPs straight away. Now it’s time for a fourth album and an interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

You are now on your fourth album. Does it feel like your journey has taken you where you wanted to go?
-We forge our own journey and so yes, of course this is where we wanted. Hopefully with this new record we are able to take this band and music farther than we’ve had in the last several years. We’ve been patient and worked hard at our songwriting craft and we know that our primary fan base is in Europe. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this new album and we do feel that we’ve arrived where we’ve planned to be!

How sensible to trends are the music you play?
-None at all I’m afraid. We’re aware of other hard and heavy forms of rock and metal but just like anyone else we play this music for ourselves and do not concern ourselves with what is trendy or popular at the time. It’s not even that all trends are bad but it’s more to the fact that we already know what we want to play and nothing will stop us from doing it. If our music was to become trendy then we’d still be playing it! We don’t really care one way or another.

What periods in music would you say are the best for the inspiration of the band?
-Of course we’re all into the 70’s era of hard rock and metal and these are some of primary influences for the band. We’re also into early 80’s metal and the energy that came from it. This also influences us as well. Everything from Captain Beyond, Grand Funk, Bang, Deep Purple to early Trouble, Megadeth, Slayer etc… We’re inspired by bands that actually play their instruments and take time to write songs.

This is your first album that gets a really good spread worldwide as far as I understand. What do you think this will mean to the band?
-I think it will mean more fans connecting to our music. We’ll be able to spread the word of our sound to many more people than before and the potential to sell more records and play more shows is greater than ever now. We’ve been doing this for a few years now with a few breaks in between but we’re ready now to show the world how we rock in Texas!

I’ve noticed that labels that before were pre-dominantly extreme metal has now moved into other areas of hardrock/metal. What do you think that mean to the exposure of Blood Of The Sun?
-I think it’s great that a label like Listenable is expanding their roster and approach to heavy music. We were a little hesitant to sign with a label like Listenable for this very reason but they’re proven to be very much into the band and our sound and we appreciate labels like this. My opinion is that good heavy music comes in all forms from super extreme to more melodic and everything in between, so I think this is a good thing for labels to expand in this way.

Do you adhere to a certain philosophy when it comes to the graphic side of the band?
-We do have a little bit of a 70’s edge to our visual presentation on our album cover and promotional materials. It’s really just about personal taste and stuff that we’re into. We’ve had bikers on our covers, naked women on our covers, just general things that interest us hahah!

How important are the lyrics to you?
-Very important. I feel like the lyrics are just as important as the music and there are stories to be told within our lyrics, not necessarily super serious all of the time, we sing about things that (again) interest us.

How tough is it to get noticed today even if you have a back catalogue?
-It seems like it is, but I think the fact is that there are just so many bands around today and it’s difficult to get noticed because of this. I mean even just 10-15 years ago you didn’t have as many bands as there are today so yes it makes it more difficult to get your name out there when you have to compete with 1000 other bands. Having a back catalog helps us put our feet on the ground and establish ourselves and we’re confident that we have something to offer even the most discriminating hard rock and metal fan!

What kind of live band are you guys?
-High energy, loud and manic! We like to sweat and rock hard and of course have a good time. Our live show is all about hitting it as hard as we can and connecting with the audience making sure everyone gets down and has a great time. Nothing too fancy on our live set, just good old fashioned hard rock and roll played by guys that feel it from the heart and soul.

What future do you see for the band?
-We’re gonna keep on truckin! hahah! Seriously, we’re just gonna keep doing what we do and hopefully do a series of live shows in the summer fests in Europe! We’ll see how far we can take this new album for the next year and then most likely record another album soon. We’ve got a great album under out belts and I’m sure anyone into quality hard rock and metal will love the new album! Thanks for the interview.

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