BLOODATTACK might sound like the name of a death metal band but this German lot is anything but death metal. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Let us start with the formalities. Could you please give us a short introduction to BLOODATTACK so that we know how we are dealing with?
-Bloodattack was formed 2004, with members from GOMORRHA (r.i.p. – hater of god records), CREUTZFELDT (r.i.p. – bastardized recordings) RISE ANEW (r.i.p. – bastardized recordings)
to keep the d.i.y.-spirit and the fundamental idea in our music alive. In contempt to our influences of metal our keynote is based in punk-rock-attitude and so are the basic contents of BLOODATTACK: we are fighting active against rascism, support the d.i.y.-attitude through the organising of concerts in our hometown, stopping the exploiding of bands and our scene through capitalistic oriented media concerns, taking place in d.i.y.-organisations, cooperate with the anti-facist movement and and much more…. So we spend lots of time in this band -not to get a rich and famous mainstream-chapel who changes sound, style and members like their pants – just because we are 5 friends with the same batshit thoughts and idea of being a part of a band: BLOODATTACK would rather not exist in a scene of people who see nothing more in punk and hardcore than a rebelious part of adolecence and wearing clothing that differs from the norm only for show – we try to keep and bring back the main idea and keep every part of our work autonomous (music, recordings, artwork, merchandise, lyrics, concerts, tours ….)- free from the influences of external voices. We cooperate with friends and people we trusting in to save the one and only spirit of BLOODATTACK.

You do have a name that scream death metal or at the least deathcore but you are neither. Where does the name come from?
-BLOODATTACK is the name of the creature that will release our planet earth from the tumor called humanity to lose all other races and species from the oppression and torture of mankind. The rise of the Alphakiller. Amen.

What is the hardcore scene like today? How much of it is open to outside influences and how much of it is non-inclusive?
-We have our own view about the scene of today: The fundamental beliefs of the scene in which I participate are dying and are being pushed to the margins by commercialism, obsession with fashion, and constantly changing trends. This is not the community in which I would like to be identified. For my part DIY, anti-facism, belief in animal rights, together with a common will and dedication to the realization of this goal, are the main priorities for our scene. These days „pay to play“, 360 degree record deals, exclusion of bands by their booking agents, suffocation contracts, and much more are all standard practice with the bands getting hardly any support. The HC lifestyle for me is not only being able to invest the most energy possible into changing a situation and living with an autonomous concience determined by myself, but also having the right to be heard in the face of opposing movements. I feel I belong in a strong community that shares these priorities – so we don´t care about the hardcore today…

How much of a German hardcore scene is there that isn’t based in and around Berlin?
-We have some other, strong hardcore communities here in Germany. The ruhrpott area is one of the biggest communities I know here in Germany. the German HC-Scene … but our scene is splitted in more and more in subgenres. In the 90´s we had a stronger unity-feeling at hardcore and punkshows – today every show is slivered, so the most of the kids only visit shows that fall in their “categorie of hardcore”. We think this is one of the worst developments in our scenen today: Fighting against each other in the own scene instead of fighting against true enemies out there is the progress we observe in the last years. The youth of today has no major problems in these days so they open a can of worms in their own scene to keep theirself busy and rush in the web about each other. “Self-imposed ergotheraphy for the spoiled, carefree subculture of hardcore”

The hardcore movement has in my eyes been more about DIY than any other scene. What is the state of the DIY scene today? How much of a “business” has hardcore become?
-Sure – we have some great D.I.Y.-organisations in our scene. But read our answer to question no. 3. We had a song about this difficulty on our new record “ALPHAKILLER”- it´s called one man unity. Just read and translate the lyrics.

I fight against authority
als Dummkopf-Heimkind-Alibi
Zusammenhalt der Suppkultur
Unity bis zum Abitur
Straight-Edge-Eid als Nulldiät
Kommerzverseuchte Resusaffen
Von euch wird’s keiner mehr raffen

Fuck the Scene – ihr kotzt mich an
Nur ich allein steh meinen Mann
One man unity
Exklusion in Harmonie
Mein Drang zur Islolation
Selbstauferlegte Medikation
Ihr seit mir nicht gleich gesinnt
Non-opinion-Fahnen im Wind
Fuck the Scene – ihr kotzt mich an
Nur ich allein steh meinen Mann
Du bist falsch auf meiner Spur


It’s been almost 25 years since Germany was united. What kind of social issues do you see that needs addressing in your lyrics?
-We think we have a passable life here in Germany – if you´re working or not, you´ll get the money from the “social protection system”. We do not condemn our social system because you will get enough assistant if you have usual problems like unemployment, disease or other kind of current trouble. The social problems process in our lyrics are not regional – we advert on social abuses that strike to a large part everywhere in this fucked-up world: The media-hyped and media-infested culture ( Song: Gott aus dem Viereck), the working-class-slaves who druge for the wrong Ideal for their life (Song: Not Like You) and above all we condemn us and the rest of our disgusting race for our egocentric behavior towards our own and other races and species on this planet. Stop suffering – eradicate mankind. Our lyrics (composed in german and english) turn on our perspective on our society, humanity, our scene and the bullshit that surrounds us in the day-to-day-fight with ourselves and the rest of this world – formulated direct and ruthless to show forthright the fucked-up facts to the subjects and open their closed eyes. Maybe we can change something – maybe we can change nothing – but to stand back and watching the perish of hc and approving the perversations of humanity is not our kind of lifestyle.

How political is the German hardcore scene? Do you see people fighting each other because they belong to the wrong side?
-A kick to the gut and the face of an outsider, the raising of the German flag at a concert, acceptance of bands with nationalistic lyrical content, violence toward homosexuals, provocation and aggression toward punks and passages of text with sexist language are only a fraction of the things (just in the past few years) that we have come across at so-called hardcore shows. A lack of education and false assumptions have contributed to the recent state of the hardcore scene. This needs to be eliminated with common sense. Great bands are often reluctant to speak openly against these trends, fearing financial repercussions. I speak out against racism, patriotism, homophobia, and senseless violence of any kind at concerts and we ask for your support in excluding these forms of ignorance from hardcore shows-everywhere!

Something that I don’t like about punk/hardcore is this nihilistic approach to things, that it doesn’t matter if we piss on each other because all is shit anyway? What was it that got you into HC in the first place?
-It was the feeling to fight against something that we consider as wrong – in a community without prejudices and close mindeness. Something we don´t like in HC is this that the most of the people out there in “our scene” beef about everything and everybody but they don´t try to change something – to insult and to piss on everything and everybody is a easy way to make your living – stop grumble- ACT!

You have a new album to promote now. How does this one differ from the previous ones? Will people still recognize BLOODATTACK?
-Bloodattack. Playing Hardcore with a metallic touch of bullshit. We try to keep our sound authentic, harsch, cold and brutal. Our sound is not made for the masses – it represents our taste of music and our point of view – so the most of our fans and followers love bloodattack for their charisma: To be true, authentic, mean and different.

What do you see in the future?
-The downfall of our scene – the rise of commercialization The decay of D.I.Y. – the cannibalization and extintion of Punk and Hardcore caused by mercenary corporations and bands who are hungry for success. Burn down all non-attitute-slaves – BLOODATTACK.

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