BLOODSOAKED is death metal. Period! Don’t believe me? Check out this interview and tell me if I’m wrong. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When do you know it’s time to start thinking about the next step in the bands career? When have you promoted the last release as much as it can be done?
-I feel a band should be thinking of the next step from the day they form, a band can never do too much, there is always promotion that can be done. As far as a particular album release I think a band can promote a album successfully for years. There are lots of bands that only put out an album ever 3-5 years and they still tour and promote that album for the whole time. I still promote my first and second albums that were released in 2007 and 2009, you can never stop if you want to succeed.

How do you make yourself heard in the death metal scene when there are thousands of bands competing for the same attention?
-It’s not easy but it can be done and again it comes down to promoting the band as well as each release. Ads in magazines, using all the social networking sites, banner ads online, interviews, give away free CDs, compilations, flyers, tours, festivals. A band has to work hard to get noticed.

Bloodsoaked is now here close to melodeath. What is it that drives you to write the music you do?
-I love very aggressive music and while I like Melodic Death Metal I am more a fan of the old school Death Metal band and the straight forward Gore and Anti-religion aspects. With that type of lyrical content is lends itself more to Pure Death Metal than Melodic.

When you play the kind of death metal you do what is the most important factor to you in making a song great?
-A good written song is what I always try for, I don’t like just having riff after riff after riff, I like to have some structure to my songs. I am also a big fan of choruses is my songs were people can sing along. I love songs with a catchy chorus and I they to incorporate that catchiness into Bloodsoaked’s songs.

When you play in Central and South America how different is that compared to a gig in N Carolina?
-The South American fans are crazy and they love Death Metal, the shows are always insane and I love playing down there. If I could only play one place for the rest of my life it would be South America, the best times ever. Bogota Colombia has been great to me and the fans are so great, the world needs more Death Metal fans like them.

What kind of stage appearance do you put on when you play live? Is there something that you need on stage for it to be a successful gig?
-Only me and my iPod to be successful. I try to put on a great stage show and make it a little more since it’s only me so I have to make it feel like a whole band is playing. I have recently added a second guitarist/vocalist and that has added a lot more to the live show.

Do you feel that there is a death metal theme that you have to follow in song/album titles, lyrics and art work?
-I don’t think so, there are many bands that do not sing about Death, Gore, Satan, God, as long as it’s heavy, fast, extreme and Death Metal it doesn’t really matter.

How hard is it to find the right kind of people to work within your region of the World?
-I thinks it’s hard to find the right people everywhere, finding others that have your vision for the band as well as the dedication is hard period no matter of location.

How much of a DIY ethic do you work by being on a small label? How well do Comatose promote the band on a worldwide basis? What can a press agency add to the promotion that you can’t do yourself?
-All bands at this level and smaller/bigger need a strong DIY work ethic, you can’t expect a label or even a press agent (PR) to do everything. Even with a label and press agent bands still need to promote the band, music, shows, tours and everything else themselves. Comatose does a solid job, they could always do more but the same could be said about most small labels. Using a press agent can get you to places where you can get yourself, they will have many contacts that you don’t have and they will spend the time needed to get you the interviews, reviews, plays and so on.

With three albums in your catalogue how far do you feel that you’ve taken Bloodsoaked? What is there to conquer now?
-I have taken Bloodsoaked past my wildest dreams. I started Bloodsoaked in my bedroom and now I am playing shows all over the world, it’s crazy! I don’t think I have anything else to prove, nothing else to conquer accept for the music I created to last a long time!!!

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