There is something special with black metal from Asia in that they don’t share the same cultural/religious references we Westerner have. Black metal becomes something different. Taiwan’s BLOODY TYRANT is proof of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Black metal is so associated with anti-Christianity that a black metal band from Asia seems like an impossible thing. Why black metal and what are you protesting against?
-We are a black metal band, not really anti-Christ; actually we are not a typical black metal band who are against christianity. Our inspiration comes from not only Christianity, but the concept of religion as a whole. At the same time, part of our songs are related to politics and some of the history of Nantou, which is located in central Taiwan.

How controversial is it to be a black metal band in your country? Do people even care enough to bother commenting your choice of music?
-We’re very lucky that we haven’t got extremely negative comments so far, maybe it’s partly because of Chthonic – an awesome metal band from Taiwan – people realised that Chthonic are not just a band who’re evil, negative or trying to make themselves look cool by fighting against certain things, but an outstanding metal band with oriental influences which make them unique. I can see that the metal scene in Taiwan is getting stronger and stronger, and there are more and more metal fans/bands from Taiwan. I think this should be credited to Chthonic. Special thanks to CJ, the keyboardist from Chthonic, he was our sound engineer when we were recording our first album!

Black metal is pretty much an underground movement. How do you go about getting noticed in the underground scene?
-I think this differs from person to person, it depends on what your definition of “Underground” is. For some people, it’s something like the band recording & releasing albums by themselves, or playing some gigs, then the way to draw the public’s attention might be creating and running a page on a social network, such as Facebook, even some cults do so. However, playing gigs is a way to make yourself more famous, since in many cases, people don’t usually search for this information, but for some reason they do go to gigs. Anyway, the most important thing is how to make your music outstanding and unique.

Does being from the other side of the world (from the Scandinavian/European black metal scene) even have an effect on you getting taken seriously?
– The raw black metal scene in Europe is our inspiration for thinking about this question. The stuff related to original black metal is quite different from our works, so we have been talking about this matter for a long time, such as: “Are we going to make true raw black metal stuff, or just do the kind of music we want?”. For some people, they simply decide if the band is black metal or not by the content of songs, so we had tons of opinions and questions while making the first album. One of the most important topics for us is how to deal with those questions.

Corpse paint is a big part of the black metal scene. What does your corpse paint represent to you?
– Corpse paint has become an important part of our performance, since it brings us the atmosphere we need, something purely evil… even our music is not 100% related to it. On the other hand, corpse paint also makes us more confident on stage. One day, our vocalist’s health was in bad condition, he couldn’t put anything on his face because of an allergy (the paint isn’t good for your skin, so you can’t have it on your face for long), therefore we decided to play the gig with plain faces. It was very strange, I didn’t even think that we were performing, more like practicing on stage. For the audience, it was a strange gig as well, they didn’t really enjoy that show. Since then, I think we have already built up the concept that “Bloody Tyrant is a black metal band with corpse paint”.

Today it doesn’t matter where in the World you live. With technology you can reach about every part of the World from your desk. How black metal is facebook and myspace and what have it meant to you as a band to be seen on sites like these?
– For us, Facebook has become the most important way of communication, maybe it differs from time to time, like most musicians were on Myspace, but now it’s Facebook. Anyway we need to know how to promote ourselves through the internet. We announce most of our information through the internet, and collect the feedback from it as well, obviously it’s the simplest way to achieve your initial goal, which costs you less money if compare it to other media.
Being from a country not usually associated with metal how hard is it to find anybody who wants to release your music on record?
– Luckily, it was not very difficult to release our album in Taiwan, since there are not many metal bands here, we all promote and sell our albums through similar means. Taiwan is not a big country, so the metal bands here know and help one another when someone needs any information or concrete advice.

When English isn’t your native tongue how hard is it to make your point come through without any misinterpretations?
– In fact, there are not any mistranslations yet, but in some cases, language is one of our problems. It’s very easy to translate all the words on our album into English, but the mood and atmosphere are not there anymore after being translated.

When you release an album what is it that you expect to come from it, world domination or just to get the band’s name out there?
– We look forward to releasing our albums in more countries and making our band more famous in the near future, we will definitely strive for it even though we know it’s never easy. Recently, we have been working on our new EP, there will be some changes in the style, but it’s still black metal, we just wanna see if this will highlight our characteristics, and it’s quite a new thing for us.

Where do you see Bloody Tyrant go in the future?
– As for the vision of Bloody Tyrant, we are going to build a clear image which is related to “an Asian black metal band with oriental influences”. As a metal band from Asia, Bloody Tyrant will focus on continuing to innovate.

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