BLUE DAWN are of the heavier Italian kind. You might not get too many doomier bands from Italy but once they come they are sure good. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I don’t get to hear that many doom oriented Italian bands. What was it that made you end up a doom metal band?
Enrico Lanciaprima- Well, actually in Italy there has always been a dark rock oriented scene, maybe not many doom metal bands, but some important groups mixing prog, hard rock and dark sounds, like Malombra, Death ss, Biglietto per l’ inferno, etc. WE are big Black Sabbath fans, so we love things heavy and doomy, but also free to experiment, I think Blue Dawn reflects that.

To me Candlemass is the greatest doom band in the World. Where do you draw inspiration from musically?
EL – Monica, the singer, loves Candlemass too, personally I prefer Trouble and Type o Negative, anyway our biggest influences are, as I’ve said above, Black Sabbath, seventies hard rock bands like BOC, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin and more modern bands like Celtic frost, My dying bride, Blood ceremony. We listens to a lot of different stuff, we like also experimental bands like Magma, Diamanda Galas, Black Widow.

When you play this slow does that affect the way you write lyrics? Can you sing about love and flowers and the bees?
EL – well, yes, it does affect the lyrics, we like to sing about the dark side of things, many songs are introspective, but also deal with relationships and social issues. We are also interested in occult themes.

What is a blue dawn? Is that something you get in Italy?
EL – No, it doesn’t exist in nature, it’s an image I had in my mind which I thought was very evocative and so we decided to call the band after that.

When you play slow is it possible to write 3 minutes songs and still feature all that you want to say or does it have to be 5+ minutes songs?
EL They don’t have to be necessarily long, but it’ s not easy to express yourself in short songs. We do many time changes, so our songs are generally long.

How does it work playing live when you are a doom band? Doesn’t the audience want to party and go crazy to some really fast music?
EL We don’t always play slow, our songs are full of light/shade moments, time changes, so we keep people interested and we try to be very energetic live, so the audience interact with us. You can headbang to doom songs too.

What is Genova like as a metal town? Do you have any place to play live? What is the metal crowd like?
EL – In Genova there is a lot of people that listens to metal and rock music in general, Genova gave birth to many artists of any kind since the sixties, there are some places to play live, but they aren’ t big ones, the best places are devoted to more commercial stuff, like in the rest of Italy. The metal crowd is generally warm and enthusiastic.

When you are a small band how do you go about promoting your band? Do you go on DIY tours around Europe?
EL – These days it’s very difficult to play live, you have to invest a lot of money to play live, most promoters ask you money in advance, big bands ask you money to open for them, we have been asked ridiculous amounts of money by bands and promoters and we always said no. We have never played outside of Italy yet, we hope to do so, we’ re waiting for the right offer. We’ d love to play in Sweden, by the way, maybe a promoter will read this..
How much of a tool is the internet in promoting your band? Does the old school way of word of mouth still work in spreading the news about the band?
EL – Nowadays the internet is essential, it plays a big role in promoting the band, our label promotes us through it and we do the same, via facebook, myspace, you tube etc. Our video clip for Shattered illusions has many hits, it’ s been very helpful.

What can we expect from Blue Dawn in the future?
EL – We have just completed a demo for the new album that we gave to the record label, Black Widow, we hope to enter studio during the summer for an early 2013 release.

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