BODYFARM has with each new record impressed me more and more. So with a new album to promote I saw no reason why not to interview them. ©2016 Anders Ekdahl

You have a new record to promote. What’s your feeling on this one? Is it the greatest death metal release ever?
-Our feeling on this album is very good, and it’s certainly the best Bodyfarm release so far. That’s the only thing that matters to us. We want to beat every previous release when we are making a new album. Got to keep things challenging, right?

How harder is it to come up with new songs that excel the old ones?
-Pretty damn hard, to be honest. You are not easily satisfied with songs we write, and we’re always afraid to accidentally re-use old songs. So we try to push our songwriting to the next level and be more creative without losing brutality and aggression. We are more mature as musicians now, so I think we have succeeded on this matter. I hope we can top Battle Breed some day.

Do you feel that there is an endless source to pick from when it comes to lyrics? I for one would have a harder time not repeating myself lyrically than musically.
-I think that source is pretty much endless, yes. We’re playing death metal but that does not mean that we’re bound to certain subjects like war and death only. We did choose to on Battle Breed, since it tells a chronological tale of battles and wars throughout the ages. It’s a cliché, but clichés are there for a reason: it works, haha! But I like to write about politics (how much I hate it), inner struggles and other matters of life just as much.

Do you think much about how your album art work has to be better than the previous one? How do you pick art work?
-Of course! That’s the first thing people look at when you have a new album to promote. The colors must be out there, and the whole package should be good. So that’s a bit of marketing right there. But of course it has to be a beautiful piece of art, that’s the most important thing. I do thing that it has to match the musical and lyrical content of the album. We went to Juanjo again with some key words and the lyrical concept, and this is what he did!

Do you feel you get the respect you deserve? From both metalheads but also colleagues?
-Oh yes. We are working hard and I think people can see that. We’re always getting a good response from the crowd and that’s all you can ask for. We are a small band so we can’t expect to play sold out venues every time. We have a few befriended bands and persons from the scene, like Izegrim, Hail Of Bullets, Asphyx, (Schirenc Plays) Pungent Stench, God Dethroned, Funeral Whore and they’ve always been very supportive to us. We don’t ask for much, but these are the things that make it fun to be in a band.

To me death metal is the most brutal form of metal there is. But not many bands dress to match it on stage. How come it is more T-shirt and jeans on stage?
-What should we do then, cover ourselves in blood and wear spikes and stuff?
-We’re not into that kind of posing. I think we play death metal the punk way. We wear on stage what we wear on our days off. Torn jeans and a band shirt. We also like to have fun on stage and people are allowed to see that we’re enjoying ourselves. So no gimmicks for us.

What kind of image do you want people to get of the band?
-A band that delivers quality music and that people get excited when they see that we’re playing on a festival. You know what I mean? Just ah, Bodyfarm is playing too? Awesome, I’m gonna check them out for sure, hahaha! I love that, in that way it’s easy for a band to connect with new and old fans. You can really get some kind of chemistry between you and the crowd.

How much touring do you guys do and what does touring give to you as a band?
-We are playing lots of single club shows and festivals. We are still looking for a good tour package to promote Battle Breed, but it’s really hard. We thing that the music of the bands on a tour should match on some points, and we refuse to do buy on deals. We do understand that a nightliner is expensive and just like every other band we will have to chip in, but some deals that tour promoters try to offer you are insane.

We live in volatile times now. How much do you think about that when you go on tour? Can you even think about it?
-Like terrorist attacks or something? Well, you can’t let them have what they’re trying to achieve, right? So the show must go on, no matter what. We’ve played in the Ukraine also. If there is no direct threat, we will play.

What awaits you in the future?
-Mountains of gold! And more realistically: a good tour and recognition for one hell of an album we’ve just made, haha!

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