Thai metal might be less known than Thai food but it does exist. BRAIN SCRUBBER are another example of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is the band name some sort of program declaration? What was behind the choice of band name?
-Because we think we will made the music in Brutal death metal genre for cleaning everybody brain in the same thing is he saw , he listen and let he know in his world It’s have a Death Metal!

How would you describe your music to somebody new to it?
-It’s Like A Brutal Death Metal in new generation. we focusing in the speed and the complex of music
And in the vocal voice we focusing in bass voice is the main of every song.
and in the material about music we focusing about everything around us about bad thing, bad day
example the coruption of thai politician, take advantage from the inferior people Etc.

What has been the single most important influence to you musically?
-Main is Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Job for a cowboy, Pathology Etc.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
-From we listen the music and we need to shared our experience of life in the heavy song way is we like!

How much does the Thai society influence you? How much of your daily life seeps into the music?
-Dezember, Carnivora, Invein, Dhon Phee Bin , Stone Metal Fire We listen always but not every day.

Can we speak of a Thai metal scene? What kind of bands are there?
-It’s not popular in a lot of Thai people. They are listening only group and the opportunity to present about music that is foreign is too hard. About concert the place is generous to metal music show is so scant but a place we have is so very well to support. About recorder we have a little recorder to support metal music because big recorder he know the Thai people in present the most everybody in Thailand like a K.Pop Music, We Think it’s not fair to Thai metal musician. and last in Thailand underground metal The most people like to listen Hardcore and post hardcore too much. It’s so sad to Death metal but we think it’s will be good in the future.

How important is playing live for the growth of the band? What does playing live give you?
-Very important because playing live is to release the hidden power and learn about music, get the new experience and let we met another people another fans and to make the new generation of our fan club.

What part do the social media play in spreading the word of the band?
-The main way to present our work is on Internet.

What is the label scene like in Thailand? Are there any good underground labels that can help you spread the band to the rest of the world?
-In Thailand the label scene is too rare but he support the artist in his label very well and the label scene to support our band is Immortal Production.

What are you plans for Brain Scrubber?
-Our plan is release new album in every year and need to present my music to foreign a lot in the future.

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