BREACHED m ight have a name similar to the Swedish act Breach but that is as far as similarities goes. This Canadian band is a completely different beast. Interview answered by Bobby Noakes. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

OK, perhaps a short introduction might be in order just to let us know who we are dealing with.
-Breached is: Bobby Noakes – vocals, Mike Diesel – guitar, Ryan Alexander- bass and Neil Uppal – drums. We’re a hard rock band from Toronto who came together just over 2 years ago.

Your band name got me thinking of a Swedish band that was called Breach. How hard is it to come up with a band name that hasn’t already been used or sounds similar to something already used?
-Extremely hard! Especially now with the internet playing such a big role in promoting the band, it’s important to for all of your sites to have the same name which played a big part in how we named the band. We tried a few others out, then Breached just kind of came to us and struck us with some great ideas for imagery.

Today you can hardly tell the difference from a regular Joe and somebody in a band. How do you set yourself apart style wise from the public? How important is it that you stand out from the masses?
-Being in a band the music always comes first. But when it comes to the show, your image is a huge part of it. It’s important to look good (whatever your image might be) and have confidence in what you do. Standing out from the masses is something we leave to our music and the image we portray through our promo pics. We want to show that it’s still fun to be in a band, it’s not always so damn serious.

I guess that the competition is pretty cut throat when you fight for the same crowd as a bunch of other bands. How well do you stand out locally as well as nationally?
-Believe it or not I think the “competition” is actually really healthy in our local scene. There’s so much mutual support with a lot of the bands so we actually tend to share a lot of the same fans. Locally there’s quite a few rock bands but we all have our own take on the genre. I like to think we stand out, we’re always trying to take things to the next level with our songwriting and shows.

Today there are tons of social media sites that make it easy for a band to get its music out to the public. Is releasing a physical record still a good way of getting your bands name known?
-I’m still an old school guy in some sense. I love peeling off the annoying plastic wrapper of a cd/album and checking out the liner notes and artwork when I listen to it. Obviously when you release something digitally it’s fast, convenient and cheap! They both have their advantages. But for me there’s nothing more satisfying then handing someone our CD. It’s pretty tough to hold an mp3…

What is the difference to you in holding a physical CD in your hand or having a digital file to promote? How much more real does the physical product feel?
-I guess I answered that in the previous question.

Are you being met with different reactions if you come with a physical product to a radio station or promoter than if you come with your USB-stick?
-Some people still prefer to have the CD on their shelf while others prefer to have a hard drive on their shelf. Usually we try to find out what they prefer in advance.

How important are lyrics to you? What kind of topics do you deal with in your lyrics and what kind of topics would you never deal with?
-For me the melody is the most important but lyrics are more important to me now than they were when I first starting writing. I write a lot about relationships and the struggles within. I don’t think there’s anything I would never deal with really. The mood of the song usually dictates what I’ll write about.

What would you say is the ultimate soundtrack to describing the sound of BREACHED? What is that makes you guys tick?
The sound of Breached is a blend of Incubus, Papa Roach, Staind and Emery. We’re huge on melodies and harmonies but we also want to make you wanna throw down. We want you to feel something when you listen to us!

What kind of future do you see?
-We’ve just recorded our third EP and are planning on releasing it this fall and are about to hit the road for our first tour across eastern Canada. When we get back we start filming the video for the first single off the new EP and hope to have it out by the end of the summer.

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