This is another band that were a total blank to me but as I gotten to know BRIDGE OF DIOD better I’ve come to like them more. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

We live in a world where there are literally millions of bands to check out. What do you have that sets you apart?
-Like Noel Gallagher said: “because we’re simply the best, stop”. Unfortunately this has already been said by him, so, we should find another way to convince you.
All joking aside…the way we pose ourselves, both in live shows and through recorded music, is all the opposite of the cold and detached rock star: we try to make every listener feel simply “one of us”.
The band consists of 4 members: the Barbero Brothers, Stefano and Luigi, Davide Leoncino and Sebastiano Riva.
At first we thought it was a temporary solution as Stefano was both the drummer and lead singer.
Over time we have remained so composed,indeed we are proud of it, he (Stefano) doesn’t go unnoticed during shows, and, in front, those of us on strings don’t regret,in my opinion, the figure of vocal frontman.
Our music is a mixture of everything we like, that we enjoy playing, from hard rock to thrash, from the gorgeous seventies to the most current genres, passing from various small influences, but of the most disparate.
We are not fans of classic pieces “verse-verse-refrain-verse-refrain-verse-refrain-refrain”, we rather love to propose more complex and unpredictable structures, to be heard until the end, without knowing where we will go.

How hard was it for you guys to pick a name? What had that name have to have to fit your music?
-We discussed at length and animatedly to find a name that characterized us; something that sounded good, open to any interpretation, in the intent to make us a bit unique and not targeted.
The name “Bridge of Diod” was born almost as a joke: we dropped the eye on our new Mesa boogie and we read Rectifier. Rectifier = bridge of Diode … Poetic license (on alcoholic basis): Bridge of Diod.
Needless to say that we enjoy so much when someone tries to place us in epic and refined quotations from the Silmarillon or similar works.

What band(s) was it that turned you on to the kind of music you play? What inspires you today?
-The “original B.O.D. trio” has very different bases from our current sound, we were fan of bands like Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Gary Moore; our guitarist has also deepened genres like jazz and blues.
Over time we became more and more heavy, and the entrance of the young Riva, lover also of more extreme sounds, has incentivized the transformation.
Among our current influences, in addition to the bands whith a sound similar to ours like Megadeth, I would cite above all Pantera and Black Label Society, two bands that, like us, have had a more “soft” beginning.

What is the advantages/disadvantages of CD and vinyl these days of internet promotion where digital seems to be king?
-Digital is handy and versatile but leaves behind many small, perhaps almost imperceptible, nuances that make music more warm and complete. For example our bassman mounts a very huge string (.175), whose gigantic and sometimes ungainly sound is hard to enjoy with mp3.
Even if digital facilitates the spreading of music, physical formats remain the most true way to listen to it, also for the feelings.

I use Spotify and Deezer but only as compliment to buying CDS (it’s easier to just have your phone or pad when your out) but I fear that soon music as we know it will be dead and buried. What are your worries as a band?
-Sometimes we have used the web to share our music with the world, having the ability to reach more people is certainly an advantage but, as everyone knows, it can lead people to a passive support.
Free sharing is in itself a means, the disadvantages that derive from it are due to the mentality of the listeners.
For us, holding the “true” disc, pick up the details of the artwork, flipping through the booklet, reading the lyrics, makes you really enjoy the album, exactly as the artists thought it. Peerless.
So as long as there are people who really love music, there will always be “old-fashioned” support.

What part does art work and lay out play? Any message that you want to bring forth with it?
-The protagonist of our artwork is Doid, our personal “mascotte”, that’s already appeared on our first EP albeit in a very different style.
On the cover you see him who simply comes towards the observer through a long asylum corridor that, intentionally, has no beginning or end; it is not clear whether he is entering or exiting,
coming back or running away. This also casts doubt on the fact that you, from your point of view, are observing from outside or inside. This image is repeated on the back inlay and several times inside,
always with small different details, to emphatyze the “nothing is as it seems”.

Is it a whole different way to promote a band today with all these social media channels? Or do you go about doing promotion the same way? Playing live and word of mouth.
-Playing live is still the best card for an underground band and maybe is the most important aspect of our musical activity.
Anyway we have to keep up with the times: we have a nice website and pages on social media, we do our best, within our competence.
We trust in the experience and professionalism of our label for the extra mile!

Do you feel like you are a part of a scene, locally, nationally and internationally?
-Hard to say…today the scene is very wide…
Objectively, we have not gone much further than northern Italy, but lately we are receiving positive feedback from outside the borders, so in the future we will see the possible outlook.

How much of a touring band are you? Is touring/gigging still a great way of spreading the word of the band?
-Of course! Gigs allow you to show the people who you are and what distinguishes you from others.
Obviously big tours are the dream of every budding musician who sees himself in a future dominating the metal olympus. In real life we have to deal with parallel works, family and various commitments so is actually impossible for us to live an intense touring activity.
Sure, we try to grasp the opportunities and play live as much as we can; after all we’re living our dream, always keeping our feet anchored to the ground.

What will the future bring?
-as Doc Brown teaches, knowing too much about the future is a risk! We are at a crossroads, in a moment of change in the music scene, we limit ourselves to hoping with considerate ambition.

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