BRUTE FORCZ might be new to most people but the people behind the name sure aren’t new to the game. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Let’s start with the reason why BRUTE FORCZ exists?
-To give a kick in the ass to the heavy metal scene, right now it needs it….

How do you get a record deal today? Do you send out demos to labels or is it purely through social media that labels get to hear of you?
We are doing everything it takes. But in all honesty, if we knew how we would have a deal, we don’t, so we don’t know.

You guys have been in the show biz industry for a while now. How does the professional wrestling scene differ from the music scene?
-They are very similar both behind scenes and in front of the audience. There is also a tremendous amount of energy and excitement in both. You also have to hone your craft in both at the lowest levels and work your way up, pretty much on your own and from your own pockets. The only main difference is that we have been hit with a chair or two, I have yet to be hit by a guitar or power bombed from a drum set !!!

When you come from one scene and try to make a name for yourself in another scene can you use your knowledge to guide you in your new endeavour or is it a whole new universe?
-Well in these two cases it is entertainment, so the fact that you have wrestled in front of crowds before helps with being in a band. And the fact that the fans in both are wild and crazy and like aggression help us make the transition to music a bit smoother. The whole new universe is hopefully there is blood in music. ( By the way, it is not fake blood in wrestling)…

So you guys have an album out that you are promoting. Why should fans of metal pick up your album?
-If you like old?school 80’s metal, then you have to pick up this album. It is Motorhead/Priest/Crue/Venom all in one. And our guitarist Will Wallner kicks some serious ass with his guitar.

Is the metal crowd an easy crowd to win over? How do you convince them to listen to your music?
-Metal crowds are great crowds and they like their music fast and hard. And that is what we deliver, fast and hard, and BIG, THICK and in your FACE.

How will you manage to combine wrestling with playing metal?
-We are not combining wrestling and music. But we are combining the aggressiveness with both, to provide music that hits you like a double axe handle across the face.

I know very little about wrestling. What kind of scene is there for it and how do you keep track of all the different leagues? How do you know who to follow?
-We don’t, we are doing the music thing, hopefully you understand that by now. Don’t make us double body slam another journalist, some have never made it back in one piece………

What future will there be for BRUTE FORCZ?
-We will be touring this year, and quite possibly working with a big name musician to do another album towards the end of the year. With us you never know, too many chair shots………..Take care and thanks for the time…………….jammer

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