BULLETBELT from New Zealand quickly became a fave of mine when I received their EP back in 2011. Now that they have an album out I thought it time to speak to them again. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

It’s been over a years since we last spoke. What have BULLETBELT been up on this time?
We have been very busy. We have completed our first New Zealand tour, played with Goatwhore, Impiety, The Black Dahlia Murder, Blaze Bayley and Paul Dianno. We have filmed a video clip for our song Into Battle and of course recorded our album ‘Down in the cold of the Grave’.

You have an album out now. Let’s talk a bit about that one. How different is this release from you previous?
-The big difference is we have been a band for 3 years now, and we have played a lot of gigs and had a chance to refine the songs and really find the ‘Bulletbelt sound’. When we write the songs, we are still first and foremost a Black Metal band. But at this stage of Bulletbelt’s life we have added other elements of the metal we love. Death metal, Thrash and straight up trad.

How hard is it to find a sound that is truly unique and original today? What is that you are looking for in the sound of BULLETBELT?
-Our sound is the result of many years of drinking beer and listening to many thousand metal Vinyls, CDs and tapes. What comes out is who and what we are.

How would you like to define the sound of this new album? Is it still black metal or has it transcended that genre definition?
-As discussed it has aspects of different metal genres. Ultimately we are simply a metal band. We don’t need walls our fences to confine us or define us. With a name like Bulletbelt we can be whatever the fuck we want!

What is black metal to you today? How has the definition of it changed over the years?
-As it has always been, Black metal is about the feelings you get when you listen. It is pointless to try and define it. It will never be 1991 again, but there are still a lot of amazing bands putting great BM albums out. I get the same feelings inside when I listen to early Burzum as I do listening to the new Weapon album.

How anti-Christian do you have to be to be considered black metal? How has the definition of what is black metal and what is not true changed over the years? If you look at some of the USBM bands they are nowhere near to Marduk or Mayhem.
-If you are 17, then being Satanic is a good way to try to shock people. Our Black metal worships no one but ourselves. Of course fuck Christians, but also fuck try hard wannabe Satanists. Drink beer and listen to Midnight. That’s all the religion we need.

Even back in the 80s when I got into black metal it wasn’t just one style. Where do you see BULLETBELT fit in on the international black metal scene?
-We play our metal and dare I say it…..enjoy it. We have more in common with the first wave of BM. Turn it up, drink some beer and bang your fucking head.

What is the hardest in releasing an album on your own? What are you expecting to get out of it?
We are working hard to get some good overseas Distro. Watch this space…

What kind of black metal/extreme metal scene is there in New Zealand? How many trips around the country does it take before you start playing to the same initiated?
-The scene in NZ is very healthy at the moment. There are many good bands. Witchrist, Diocletion, Heresiarch, Dying of the Light, Exordium Mors, Winter Deluge, Dawn of Azazel, Pervertor, Nullifier, Filthy Lucifer, Boltcutter plus many more. We are currently planning our next NZ tour, and we are planning on taking our Metal Madness to every little shithole town we can find!

Where are you gonna take it now?
-Balls Deep! We have support slots coming up with Tragedy, Rotten Sound and Midnight. Our second NZ tour, then we have some overseas touring in the pipeline. Onwards and upwards!

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