I am sorry to say this but BURN DOWN EDEN sounds like a metalcore band to me just based on the name. That they are death metal is a relief of major proportions. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

How hard was it to come up with a band name and how does the name fit the music?
-It wasn´t that hard at all! We wanted to express our antipathy against church and their ferry tails and after couple of beer we found a name. I guess the name fits pretty well to the music, because in Death Metal or Melodic Death always somebody or something gets burned, murdered or raped, haha.

As I am new to your band perhaps a short introduction might be in order?
-Sure. When Burn Down Eden was founded in 2012, we were four guys trying to do some Death Metal alongside our studies in Dresden. But it was more like meeting to practice which ended up in drinking lots of beer, haha. After a while we´ve had personal changes, the ambitions grew and we wanted to sound more melodic. That all started in April 2014. At this time we had to write a lot of new stuff, because we were booked for a show in August 2014 as support for Misery Index in Dresden. That was our sword of Damocles! If this show would have been a real disaster, Burn Down Eden wouldn´t exist anymore, haha. But luckily for us, we´ve got lots of good feedback, so we decided to keep things rolling. In December 2014 we hit the studio and recorded the EP “Memoirs of Human Error”. It was more kind of a DEMO, because we sent it to a couple of labels, where we found Sliptrick Records as a partner. Playing a couple of shows in 2015 and being always quite productive, we hit the studio again in December 2015 to make the next step and to record our first LP “Ruins of Oblivion”! This was released by the German label 7hard for the German speaking countries and is gonna be released by Sliptrick Records to the rest of the world.

As I am no musician I have no idea how it works, but how do you make your own music based on what influences you? What parts do you pick?
-We´re definitely influenced by At the Gates, Arsis and the old In Flames. I guess, everybody who´s into that kind of music can hear that. But from time to time we also get some inspiration from other genres like classical music or jazz. We try to do it our own way, Burn Down Eden style. But it´s hard to reinvent the wheel in 2016.

When you are in a band does it feel like you are a part of a worldwide movement?
-Yes, it does feel like a worldwide movement. It always feels great to send merchandise to Japan or wherever.

How important is it that you look the part in promo shots and stuff? How important is the graphic side of the band?
-Sure, the graphical side is important. An awesome cover artwork for our debut LP was indispensable for us. And it will be for the second LP!

What would you say influences your lyrics? How important are they?
-The lyrics are covering a broad variety of topics. From criticism about society like in “Cosmogyral Miscarriage” or “Omnivorous”, over to depression and the drug abuse coming along with it to handle the pain like in “Pandemonic Overture”, up to hanging out with the guys and drinking tons of beer like in “Sons of Isengrim”. We like to tell stories from every point of view. Sometimes we just jump into a serial killer´s mind tell his story [“Kronossphere”], haha.

Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-Difficult question! As we´re all born at the end of the 80´s, we don´t know how things worked at this time. Would be great to know, whether the album would have sold in the 70´s or 80´s or not, haha. But I guess it´s easier to reach people with digital nowadays.

Where will the future of format end – digital verses physical verses whatever?
-As long as I´m concerned, I think vinyl´s the only format where you have the best sound experience. It just had it´s come back and for music lovers and musical assemblers’ it´s the ne plus ultra. But nowadays you also need digital to fill your iPod when you´re on the road. So, I guess both formats will coexist in the future.

How much of a touring entity are you guys? What is a live experience with you like?
-We´d really like to be a touring entity, but unfortunately the scene has changed over the last decade. We´ve all played in different bands before and it was definitely easier to book shows for your band 10 years ago. All the small town venues died out because of the urban sprawl and promoters’ won´t pay for a support band which is from 200 km away. Instead they usually charge a fee. But we´re always in in close collaboration with Fylo [booker of Sliptrick Records], so I think there´s something coming in the near future. Getting to our live performance: What we´ve got told is (what you see from in front of the stage) that we have fun and are very passionate in doing this. We try to play with the audience, as long as the licks allow it (haha), but in Kai we also have a lead singer, who´s always doing a great job!

What lies in the future?
-Another beer, more shows, more beer, a new album and of course more beer!

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