When hardcore is really good I mosh with the best. BUST A MOVE might have a name that lead you to think of other things but once they get started there’s no stopping them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Bust A Move sounds more like a name of a hip hop act to me than a deathcore band. What’s up with the choice of name?
-Bust A Move means something like “get with the groove” or “move your ass”. In this spirit we make music that makes people bang their head, mosh like there’s no tomorrow and move to our breakdowns. Furthermore the abbreviation of Bust A Move is BAM – and that’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Can you please explain the difference between hardcore, metalcore and deathcore?
-Let’s make this clear with a little metaphor: If hardcore is the father of modern metal, then metalcore and deathcore are his sons. Metalcore is a little more mature and even-tempered than his younger brother deathcore. On the other hand, deathcore has a very explosive and boisterous character. Nevertheless, father hardcore and his two sons metalcore and deathcore live together in harmony and influence each other every now and then.

How important is compartmentalization to a band? Is it important to be put in the right bracket?
-Not really. We actually do not care which compartment we are put in, we just create music we like. Every genre and sub-genre is more or less intertwined nowadays and we think that a strict compartmentalization is not even possible. Is it deathcore? Is it metalcore? Or is it even electro-dance-gravity-core? Who cares, if it sounds great?

How much has the geographic location of the band meant to the sound? Would you have sounded different if you’d been from another area of Germany?
-From our perspective the geographical location of bands in Germany has nothing to do with their sound. In Germany you can find all genres and types of metal scattered all over the country. So there is no such thing as “Bavarian metalcore” or “Northern deathmetal”.

Is it a myth that the more you suffer the better an artist you get? What kind of topics do your lyrics deal with?
-Why do you have to suffer to write great songs or good lyrics? For us, it’s actually the other way around: The better and more comfortable you feel, the more confident you are in writing and playing music. Our lyrics deal with the concept of homeland and belonging somewhere. The album “There’s no Place like Home” tells the story of a man searching for home, affiliation and identity. However, the world’s atrocities and woes prevent him from getting there. Metaphorically speaking this means that every person on this planet has to find out where they belong. This search can sometimes be difficult but yet it is indispensable to find your personal home, the place where you belong. In other words: “There’s no Place like Home”.

When you are core this or core that where do you fit in on the extreme music scene?
-We like to be put into the “deathcore”-scheme, which means that deathmetal as well as hardcore influence our songwriting: Our music consists of deathmetal orientated riffs and blast beat sections mixed with more groovy, headbanging, hardcore beatdowns.

Are there any specific gains to be signed to a more specialized label like Bastardized? Can they work your music better than had you been on a broader label?
-The problem is that we are a new, young, relatively unknown band that plays deathcore. As deathcore is not a type of music that the majority of people listens to it is rather unlikely that a broader label wants to sign us. If you consider a broader label in the heavy music scene like Nuclear Blast or Century Media we have to be realistic and admit that we are just starting out and probably wouldn’t be profitable for the label. Therefore, Bastardized Recordings is the perfect choice, as it has a good reputation in the underground metal scene and the owners are musicians themselves. They know how to treat a band like us best.

What kind of live scene are you part of? How do Bust A Move go down live?
-We prefer to play live shows that are thrilling, energetic and powerful. In order to play tightly and professionally our live set is prearranged, our drummer plays with a clicktrack and samples lead the audience from one song to the next to create a coherent performance. Furthermore our outward appearance is aligned, we all wear mostly black clothes.

What would you say is the best social media to use as a promotional tool?
-The best social media tool is (big surprise) Facebook. As the majority of people are in this network it is very easy to reach our fans and provide them with the latest news etc. We also have a Tumblr, check it out: http://bustamoveofficial.tumblr.com/

What future is there?
-With the signing to Bastardized Recordings and our upcoming album “There’s no Place like Home” we hope to become better known in Germany and the rest of the world. We also plan to tour Europe with our labelmates The Green River Burial in 2013.

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