Thanks to all the different languages in the world cool band names can be derived from them. Like CARONTE. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

As I am not at all familiar with your band perhaps you could introduce it?
-Hi, we are Caronte from Parma, Italy. Officially the band exist from the winter of 2010. We are Hery at the bass, Dorian at the voice, Tony at the guitar and Mike at drum.

How hard was it for you guys to pick a name? What had that name have to have to fit your music?
-Actually it wasn’t so hard, we were looking for a name with a strong image. Caronte, Charon in English,in the mythology was carrying the souls of the dead people from a coast to the other of the Acheronte river. He is a character has always fascinated us and he fit perfectly at what we do, we too somehow try to carry the souls of the listeners in an other dimension.

What band(s) was it that turned you on to the kind of music you play? What inspires you today?**
-Every member of the band come from very different experiences and bring with him various influences. Regarding the bands that inspire us i could say Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Danzig first of all but even a lot of band from the ’70 and the ’80, the list would be very long.

What is the advantages/disadvantages of CD and vinyl these days of internet promotion where digital seems to be king?
I think that the only advantage of the digital on cd and vinyl could be the speed with wich someone can buy an album but otherwise there is no comparison, i think that anyone get more satisfaction to open a cd or a vinyl than to download it.

I use Spotify and Deezer but only as compliment to buying CDS (it’s easier to just have your phone or pad when your out) but I fear that soon music as we know it will be dead and buried. What are your worries as a band?
-Honestly we don’t really care a lot now for what will happens, when the time will come we’ll talk of this again.

What part does art work and lay out play? Any message that you want to bring forth with it?
-The artwork play a very important part, we work a lot on it and normally we spend a lot of time on his realization.
In our booklets normally we dedicate one immage for each track where we try to represents the song at best.

Is it a whole different way to promote a band today with all these social media channels? Or do you go about doing promotion the same way? Playing live and word of mouth.
-Yes, we use some social media like facebook and Instagram for the promotion, it’s useless to deny that social media are the most speed and cheap ways for promoting a band.
I guess that any emerging band is almost forced to use it, but the promotion at the old way is our favourite of course, we love to play live and sell our album directly at the show. We get a lot of satisfaction from this, is for sure the part that we prefer of this world.

Do you feel like you are a part of a scene, locally, nationally and internationally?
-Inside and outside of Italy there are a lot of band that we can consider true friends and with wich there is a true reciprocal support. Yes i can say we feeling part of something.

How much of a touring band are you? Is touring/gigging still a great way of spreading the word of the band?
-We love to go on tour and play shows, we like a lot the direct feedback with the people and we think that is the best way to spread the word.

What will the future bring?
-The 29th of September saw the release of our new album Yoni always through Van Records, it’s quite some time that album is ready for the release and now that the time has come we are all pretty excited.
This fall we’ll be on tour with artist like King Dude, the Ruins of Beverast and Jess and the ancient ones but before of this we’ll be at the Chaos Ritual in Zurich and at Desertfest in Belgium.
See you at the bar!

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