Iceland is a small volcanic island in the middle of the North Sea. CARPE NOCTEM is a black metal band from said island. Find out how that equation resolves itself. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Since this is my first encounter with you could you be so kind to introduce the band to me?
-Carpe Noctem was formed in November 2005 but it’s current formation came to be in 2009. By this time, it had earned a reputation of intense performances on stage, while rising as one of Iceland’s leading acts in black metal. The music shows various influences and expresses extreme opposites. It forms a raw, chaotic and apocalyptic soundscape combined with Icelandic lyrics; Often referencing scripture, Nordic mythology, occult writings, apocalyptic prophecies and Icelandic black magic rituals. Carpe Noctem has self-released a demo (Myrkraverk, 2008) and an EP (Carpe Noctem, 2009). Its debut full-length album In Terra Profugus will be released this September.

Can you explain to me how a country with a population of less than 300 000 people can have a metal scene, have national teams in football, handball (both male and female) etc.?
-This is not relevant.

What is that inspires you to write the black metal that you play?

If you were forced to place your band on a scale of other black metal bands where would you end up?
-This is something for listeners and critics to do, not us as artists. You can make up your own mind.

Is there an Icelandic element to your music that can’t be found anywhere else? What kind of impact does the Icelandic climate have on the music that you write?
-The surroundings of each artist naturally affects his art in some way.

Looking at the track listing in the press release I notice that to start with it is in Roman numerals but also that it starts with three, goes to one only to end at three again. What is the concept behind that?
-Everything in the album is connected, the lyrics, art and music. The Roman numerals signify the core idea behind the concept, that of transformation through descent and ascendance. This was noted in the press release for the album. We will not feed people interpretation of our art, so we will let that suffice.

All your song titles are written in Latin, the album title is in Latin. Is there a concept to the lyrical content or did it all just sound so much cooler in Latin than in English or Icelandic?
-The titles are indeed Latin and the lyrics are written in Icelandic. Each language has a different way of explaining things and those languages were chosen because they conveyed the meaning behind them in the best manner.

You released an EP in 2009 and now 4 years later we get the album. Why has it taken this long to get an album out?
-We decided early on to not hurry with recording the album and in the process we let the songs evolve. The project required both time and dedication to reach culmination.

How does the artwork to your new album fit with the title of it? Is it important that artwork and title match?
-In Terra Profugus is a concept piece. Every image inside the booklet is connected to both lyrics and music. We won’t explain exactly how it fits together, but the answers will appear to those who seek them.

What would you like to see the future bring?
-We’ve already started working on our next release, but it’s too early to say when it’ll be ready. In the future we hope to play more live shows so that our audience can experience the music first-hand.

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