CARRIER FLUX wasn’t what I expected when I heard them the first time around. But I was intrigued by the music, so much that I wanted to know more. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What is CARRIER FLUX? To me that sounds like some airborne disease.
-Airborne disease works. Otherwise, the name basically means either “bringer of change” or “to contain change”. That can be taken a couple of different ways. In one sense there are a lot of things I’d like to see radically altered in the world, with no exception being the conditions of my home country. My desires to see our world greatly modified is reflected in my lyrics. The other meaning pertains to the music being written with the intent of having a great deal of variation, transitions, and musical variety. So the ‘change’ in that case being the collage of sounds and ideas.

How important was it that when you returned with a new CARRIER FLUX album 11 years after the last one that you kept true to that the style of the last album? Is it even possible to pick up where you left off after all those years?
-I think the overall style of the music has changed significantly, and I don’t feel like I could help that unless I superficially tried to keep making the same sounds and emotions come through. There are fundamental aspects of Carrier Flux that have never left, such as tempo and feel changes, melodic and harmonic content, and atmosphere. But I’ve never felt comfortable forcing my music to adhere to a particular sound or style. This probably makes me less than brilliant because I’m not necessarily able to be creative within a tighter framework, but I really enjoy the freedom of making music in whatever style feels natural to me. The result is that what I create is always going to sound different over time. Carrier Flux is decidedly not a project with a goal of consistency. The only consistency I strive for is that the music is interesting to listen to and emotionally engaging.

Why didn’t we see a new CARRIER FLUX album earlier?
-I finished a couple of albums that weren’t particularly good, so I never did anything with them. I’ve done a lot of experiments with recording since then, and recorded a whole lot of material. I feel like my output is more consistent and focused now. I’ve also scrapped a lot of the side-projects I was working on so I could concentrate on Carrier Flux as my main endeavor.

When your music is being described as avant-garde black metal what does that really pertain to?
-Mostly the mix of acoustic guitars, clean vocals, samples and occasionally industrial aspects. My older material was probably more unique than what I’m doing now, but I think the new direction is better rounded musically. I think there are still some innovative aspects to my songs, but I’m less concerned with being original and more concerned with just writing good music.

Who would you say has been your greatest sources of inspiration?
-My experiences in life and my perception of the world around me shape and motivate my music quite a bit. But musically there is an endless list…My favorites right now are Esoteric, Skepticism, Shape of Despair, Arcana, Defeated Sanity, Lunar Aurora, Mgla, Alghazanth, Dismember, Nazxul… And my all-time favorites are Emperor, Front 242, Hocico, Kvist, Dissection, Dawn, Mork Gryning, Abigor, Bolt Thrower, At The Gates, Mayhem, Samael, Dead Can Dance, Akercocke, Ved Buens Ende, Windir, Rotten Sound, Arvo Part, Arcturus, Primordial, My Dying Bride, Dodheimsgard, Cynic, Evoken, Obtained Enslavement, Solefald….

When you write lyrics for your songs what is that you want them to say?
-My last album was a concept album outlining a complaint against American “Rugged Individualism” generally, and Ayn Rand’s “Objectivism” in particular. In the past I’ve written about depression, suicide, personal struggles, guilt and anxiety. While those ideas fit the emotional feel of my music, I’d rather cover topics that affect more than just myself.

I often come upon limited edition series and that makes me wonder if the point of releasing music on record isn’t to sell it. What are your thoughts on the whole idea of limited CD editions of 300-500 copies?
-I think limited edition CDs can be very cool if they’re special in some way. Unique packaging, some sort of special box etc. I think they’re reasonable especially when digital sales are becoming more convenient, often you need to offer something special in order to get someone to spend the extra money for the physical CD. That’s why I hired Costin Chioreanu to do my artwork. I hope that people buy the album and enjoy it for the music but also the great art that was created specifically to go along with it.

What would you consider a success? How do you view your music in terms of accessibility for the people?
-That’s a question I struggle with a lot. Fortunately for Carrier Flux the answer is easy. I’m not concerned with commercial successes outside a particular group of music fans who are dedicated to melodic and creative metal. I don’t look down on people who try and make their living off of music, and I can’t say I’ll never try and make a commercial success, but Carrier Flux will never be that vehicle. This project is purely meant as an artistic creation. If I sell enough copies to pay for the production and some people really like it, I’ve succeeded in my goals.

When you are doing it all by yourself isn’t there a risk of never being done. How do you know when to stop working on a song and get on to the next?
-Maybe that would explain why I haven’t released an album in 11 years! Fortunately I am now bound to a contract, so I have no choice but to find myself focused, and finish completed works in a more reasonable length of time. The greater problem for me is that I think most of what I write is not very good at all. So I spend 30 hours on a song and then scrap it. Probably 70% of my time is spent working on music that I eventually scrap. Maybe a better artist is the one who knows to scrap the song after 30 minutes rather than 30 hours.

What future is there?
-I would like to make as much music as possible. And hopefully it is good music. I have two more albums due out on Code666 in the coming years so I am concentrating on make those come to light.

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