We live in a globalized world where there are no real distances between countries and cultures thanks to the Internet. CATUVOLCUS might be from Canada but everything about them screams ancient history. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Can you tell us the story behind the band name? What was so special about this king that you wanted his name to be your band name?
-The band’s name is a gaul word for “battle-wolf” “catu-volcus”. It also represents a gaul chief of the Eburon tribe.

Why is it that other places? History is more interesting than the history of your own country?
-I was born in France back in 1991, I must say that first of all I decided to create Catuvolcus based on my origins. Gaul history is my history!

What is so fascinating about the Gaul period? Was it Asterix (no pun intended) that turned you on to this era?
-I still love those stories but what really inspired me was a book written by Patrick Pion entitled “Celtes et Gaulois”. It is also in this book that I read about Catuvolcus. I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Roman invasions in celtic lands.

What can we learn from that time in history? What kind of stories do you focus on in your music?
-My first album was about paganism and battles but I decided to focus on history since paganism is not the way I see modern spirituality. Catuvolcus is about historical events of the gaulish period.

How does the Gaul fit into the context of black metal? Any particular theme that is particularly interesting?
-This is as Viking fits with Black Metal, history fits with black metal!

When you sing in French does that limit the potential of reaching the fans? Have the world opened up to accept bands singing in other languages than English?
-I do not think so, that is true there is not a lot of French speakers around the globe but that adds spine to the concept. It becomes mysterious and not accessible to all, the one who wants to understand has to stop and read texts.

Does being a three piece black metal band limit you in any way? Can you do whatever you envision you want to do?
-It does not limit us, what does limit us is the distance between every band member. We are all about 2 hours of driving from each other.

What kind of scene are you a part of?
-I don’t really know, maybe Folk Metal scene but I am not sure, Catuvolcus is not that folk. We are not pagan so we cannot say we are in Pagan Metal. This is a reason why I created “Gaul Black Metal” name since we are apart from these scenes.

Canada is a vast but sparsely populated country. How do you play live in a place like that? Do you visit the same places over and over?
-Catuvolcus is not a live band so we do not face this aspect of the vastness of Canada.

What future would you like to see for Catuvolcus?
-Le temps met tout en lumière. «Thalès»

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