Italian thrash metal might not be the biggest of all the sub-genres of metal but CHAOS THEORY proves that there is life to it still. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What was the plan when you formed Chaos Theory? How has that plan worked so far do you think?
-I believe that, in truth, there was no plan when we formed Chaos Theory. There was only the desire to play Metal, do a little holy turmoil. When you create a band like this, out of nowhere, maybe make an album, you have no expectations, you do not know what will happen, you just want to fucking play! And that’s what we want to do!

When you come from a smaller town how easy is it to find like-minded people to play with?
-I say it clearly, it is not easy! Here it is hard to find metalheads, even fewer people who want to play it. Many of them are jerks, they only get drunk and make noise, they really do not care about playing! Do not take me for a prude, I am not against the noise and booze, but it cannot be all there! Playing takes time, passion, sacrifice … many here are foolishly convinced that playing means beer and sluts!

You seem to have gotten rave reviews on the back of your demo. How easy is it to get the media on your side when you play thrash metal in Italy?
-Yes, the demo was well received. But it is not easy to get good reviews, the Italians suffer from the comparison with other countries, consider the neighbor’s yard greener and it is easy to be ticketed quickly as “the usual Thrash metal band that has nothing new to say”

When you sign to as big a label as Massacre does that bring down headlines in the national music media or could they care less? What kind of response have you had to your music from the Italian metal fans?
-To be backed by a label like Massacre Records that helps you is very important! Suddenly, the webzine, consider yourself moving from “an asshole like so many” to someone who is perhaps worth a little attention. And that, in Italy, is perhaps even more evident. Regarding the fans, I have to say that we ask very little to Italy. Nemo propheta in patria. For this we really wanted a German label, the Metal is strong in Germany, people are interested, want to know, are not satisfied to listen to two Iron Maiden’s albums and say that “Metal is dead”.

What kind of Italian thrash metal scene is there? What kind of history does Italy have as a thrash metal country?
-The thrash metal is exploding only in recent years here in Italy. We don’t have a thrash metal bands tradition such is rooted in the Bay Area or in Germany, for example. The historical few bands from the eighties are Bulldozer, or Necrodeath. Two great bands! But the thrash scene is exploding right now in Italy, thanks to the thrash metal rebirth that has seen around the world.

What thrash bands have played the greatest part in inspiring you to write your own songs? What makes a great thrash song?
-There are many bands that have influenced our sound. But the major influences come from SLAYER and ANNIHILATOR. To follow all the greatest thrash metal bands of the new era, Evile, Warbringer, Havok, and many more! What makes a great thrash song? Bone-crushing riffs and an insistent vocal line! And so much evil, of course!

Something I often wonder about is how you get added to tours and festivals when you are new to the scene? What do you have to do to get on the right tours/festivals?
-That is what I do too! Ahahahahah … I think that depends on having a good promoter, with many contacts. In the end if you have a good agency that pushes you, you can play almost everywhere, otherwise you will put in queue and wait. Besides, there are so many bands nowadays and many of them are deserving, is not easy to find space especially if you’re a rookie!

The album title “Bio-Death” seems to be very much in line with old school thrash metal. What kind of topics do you deal with in your lyrics?
-In fact I have to admit that the title may bring to mind the thrash scene of the past but in reality this was not our goal! Bio-Death is a fast, direct title, like a punch, is the right title for this album, from beginning to end in your face! The issues we deal with are different, we speak of disgusting political corruption, we see every day, we talk about what happened in Japan after the tsunami, we speak about religion as personal faith and mystic dilemma and as a manipulative institution. There are several issues that we face and all these make us very pissed off, and who would not otherwise?

How important are the lyrics to you? Is there anything that wouldn’t work as far as lyrics goes?
-The lyrics are as important as the music, it is a whole set! If the music works the lyrics cannot be left behind, I’ve tried, I hope I succeeded!

How are you going to take this one step further now that the album is out?
-We are planning a small tour to promote the album at the beginning of 2013 and by agreeing with some band playing together for some events! We would have wanted to start earlier, but until the album is not on the market it is hard to find a place in festivals or support most reliable bands. Hope to see you soon to break some bones!

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