I like discovering new bands. You might have guessed that by now. When I do so I like to know as much as possible about them hence my CHARIOT OF THE GODS interview with conducted with vocalist Renaud Jobin. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Seeing as this is my first encounter with you guys a short introduction might be in order. What interesting things can you divulge?
-We are a metal band from the Ottawa region. We started playing a few years ago for shits and giggles. Time passed, we lost and welcomed new members and we finally decided that the time had come to show the world the infamous power of our balls to the wall, in your face metal (don’t forget the coma after “balls to the walls”).

When you come from Canada does it feel like you are alone in a large country far from likeminded individuals?
No, Canada is a big country, but we mostly live in only a few places (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, etc.). Finding other people like us is really not that hard.

Can you benefit from being Canadian, what with the notion of Canadians being friendly, or are you mistaken for Americans all the time?
-I don’t fully understand the question, but we are friendly and so are the Americans we’ve met. I don’t think stereotypes really affect us. The only advantage I can think of is if ever we get injured on the road, Medicare got us covered.

My impression is that the more enlightened people become the dumber they get. How do you deal with the fact that ignorance/intolerance tend to increase for every year that passes?
-I don’t really agree with that. Call me optimistic but I believe we are way better off today than in the past. You can walk around with tattoos and piercings and still be taken seriously, metal is no longer the music of the devil (except for the WBC) and fans are way more open minded.

How much shit do you get from people outside of our realm for playing metal? Do people 40 years later still look upon metal as the devil’s music?
-Like I said, we really don’t get any. We often get the: “well, this music is not my style but I’ll support you anyways”. The music we play is a pretty accessible type of metal. Our song ”Tides Of War”, for example, is built like a pop song and people respond well to it.
I’ve never been in a recording studio so I don’t know what it is like but how do you get the most out of being a bunch of people stacked up in a small room trying to agree on a sound?
-The last thing you want in studio is to have everyone in the same room. You meet before and talk about the direction of the album and then you record the pre-prod in small private sessions, this way you are free to try what you want with no pressure. When it’s all done, you give a copy to each member with a notepad and give it a few days. You gotta be able to try anything and let go if the rest of the band doesn’t like it. It can be a big ego war sometimes.

What is that you want your recordings to do for you? Are you looking for world domination or what?
-Get our name and music out there. All we want to do is record and tour so hopefully this album will give us shows that will, in return, motivate us to write and record another album. But yeah, world domination sounds good, we wouldn’t mind having In Flames as an opening band one day.

When it comes to the design of you releases, what are you looking for specifically? How important is it that they stand out?
-If by this you mean the design of the album, Mat (our guitarist) is mostly responsible for this. He had a concept in mind and we went along with it. We really trust the guy and whenever he shows us something, we usually like the core concept. As for the release itself, we just leave it in the hands of our publicist to make it as efficient as possible.

Is touring Canada worth the trouble or is it better to go straight to the States/Europe?
Europe and Asia are where we really want to go. Our philosophy is that you need to win home before taking the battle oversees. But so far, the Canadian scene is pretty great.

What kind of future would you like to see?
-A future where you can have a full recording studio on the bus and be touring Japan while tracking drums for your next record.
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