It still amazes me that there are bands out there that I have no idea existed. Take CIRCLE OF SILENCE for instance. Now on their third album this ist he first that I’ve heard oft hem. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

You are on your third album now. Do you feel that you know everything there is to know about being a band?
-We are doing this whole band thing for 7 years now but I think there are still experiences you can explore as a band. A great experience would be to play a German or European tour.

When you look back at the previous records you’ve done do you feel that there is a traceable red line?
-I think you can hear a steady progression in the music but the core is still build of heavy power metal.

How pleased are you with this new album? What kind of expectations do you have on it?
-At the moment we are very pleased with the album. Maybe someday we think in different way about some parts but for the moment we are feeling very well with the new record. The first reactions were also great so that we look forward to the things that may come.

What state is the heavy/power metal scene in? Is Germany still a strong scene for power metal?
-The whole scene is still very strong in Germany. Power metal bands are headlining big festivals and the concerts are well-frequented. It is a good think to play power metal in Germany.

How would you like to describe your sound? Where have you drawn the most influence from?
-I would say our sound is mix of American style power metal with some pieces of heavy and thrash metal. The influence for the sound of Circle Of Silence can come from every kind of music.
I can get ideas for a song by hearing modern or death metal as well as power or heavy metal.
I think it is important to take a look outside the box to be creative.

What are the greatest differences between European and American power metal?
-European power metal is more focused on the melodic part of the music. Some bands from europe that are called power metal are not really power metal for me. Most European power metal bands are more based in the melodic metal. The American style of power metal is more about heavy riffs and powerful music with strong voices.

If you were to name the most important European power metal releases and the most important American power metal releases what would they be?
-Well, that is a very subjective question. If I have to name two of each styles I would say:
European Power Metal
– Helloween: Walls Of Jericho
– Blind Guardian: Imaginations From The Other Side
US Power Metal
– Metal Church: Metal Church
– Vicious Rumors: Digital Dictator

How important are the cover art work to you? Is there something you like to say with the art work?
-In my opinion the artwork is very important. The artwork is the first thing that you see when you are searching for music in stores or on-line shops. It has to be catchy and interesting so that you want to listen to the music of the album. I don’t want to show the fans a cheap photoshop artwork. That is not the quality i want to have for Circle Of Silence. Another point is that is has to be that good that it fits perfect on shirts or other merchandise products. This sounds maybe a bit commercially but let’s be honest, who wants to wear a shirt with a shitty artwork on it. Haha.

What has been the greatest thing to happen to the band so far? What do you consider a success?
-One of the greatest things that happened to the band was to get a record deal with such a professional label as Massacre Records. We consider success not only on how many records we have sold. For me success is when you have a solid fan base that comes to your concerts where ever you play.

What plans do you have for the future?
-The next step is to find a good management / booking partner to get a more professional concert promotion. Of Course we also want to play as much as possible with the new record to reach new fans.

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