Some bands are less outspoken when promoting themselves than others but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve your support. Like COLEMESIS. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

You have one of these names that does not really tell what kind of metal you play. How hard was it to come up with the name?
-Colemesis means violent expulsion of bile, and it is especially associated with our lyrics, they are based in all the problems of the third world. I was studding at the veterinarian school in the 90s so it was a kind of easy pick up the name.

Could you give us a short introduction to the band?
-Metal Rock that combine Thrash Death and Groove without following trends and fads.

What would you say have been the single greatest influence on your sound?
-I would say old Sepultura.

What is the scene like in your area? Do you feel that you are a part of a scene?
-Do you feel that you are a part of a scene? Actually there are very good bands and productions but most of the local people are not really supporting them. And definitely we are part of the scene.

When you play the sort of music you play I guess you cannot have birds and bees on the cover of your album? What is a great album cover to you?
-My favorites are: Chaos of Death- Obituary, Darks Roots of the Earth – Testament and To Mega Therion- Celtic Frost.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical? Is digital killing music?
-In my personal opinion the bands may also have benefits in digital formats is a matter of adaptation.

What kind live scene is there for bands like yours?
-We play with all kinds of bands from punk and rock to extreme metal. We have long being a live band and does not think it will change.

When you play live is it a happening or do you see it more as a party?
-We enjoy what we do and try to make it fun for us and the crowd.

What would you like to see the future bring?
-We hope to continue making our music and try to make it reach the as many people as possible.

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