Dutch CONTROL HUMAN DELETE might seem like a strange entity on paper but once you get to experience it in real life you start to understand its inner mechanics. Anders Ekdahl © 2013

Where has the alt gone in your band name and why does humans have to be deleted?
-This is the thing with band names right? You come up with one someday, and you stick to it. I think we came up with it some 15 years ago. We were heavily experimenting with a lot of electronic noises along with black metal which we thought had a real strong ‘computerized’ sound. We thought that changing the ctrl-alt-del key combination for resetting a computer into control human delete was a nice twist and could represent nicely the sounds and themes we were creating. Today I think it still holds since it still represents the synthetic sounds we create along with the sci-fi lyrical themes. Although I have to admit it might come across a bit silly or nerdy when you think about it, on the other hand a lot of metal names are. Anyway, this the name that represents what we do and it will never change as long as we create this type of music.

You last album was released in 2007. Are you Metallica or what? Why has it taken so long for a
new album to see the light of day?
-No, we are not Metallica, we are Control Human Delete. Six years is a nice period to let songs evolve I think. No, but the real reason is that we had some ‘band issues’ (ai, that sounds gay) with regard to a second guitar player and a drummer we worked with for a while. That all didn’t work out and we’re back to the original four. It involved a lot of rewriting the material. That, and also the fact that we all have jobs, families and other things to do in life apart from writing music for Control Human Delete.

How does this new album fit in the box that is CONTROL HUMAN DELETE?
I think it turned out to be more Control Human Delete than we first thought when we began recording the album. The general feeling was that we had taken a bigger step away from ‘Terminal World Perspective’ than how it turned out. At least of listen closely to it. This is not a bad thing at all, I think we showed with this album that no matter how crazy the ideas are that we come up with, it will always turn out to have this unmistakable Control Human Delete sound.

What kind of expectations do you have on it? What would you like to see it doing for the band?
-We are not that ambitious. The most important thing for us is that we like making music that we stand for, that we all like. If you make music you hope of course that people like it and that you can add something to this world that wasn’t there before. That is basically it I guess, not much more to it
What is post industrial black metal? What kind of components is involved in creating a post
-I don’t know. I don’t think we even came up with that term. I guess it represents our derivation of black metal with and industrial edge. Call it what you want.

What kind of status do you have on the Dutch metal scene? Where do you fit in?
-I really don’t know. We have not been playing live for I guess 4 or 5 years, which is usually important if you want to be part of some scene. Not a lot of people know us, I would say it is not really different from any other country.

Something I’ve often wondered about is why The Netherlands always have produced such great
metal acts? What is there in the past history of Holland that has contributed to such great metal
-Sorry, I don’t know.

Why back in the 60s bands came to Holland to play. How liberal has the view on art been in
Holland and how is it today?
-Yeah I think Holland has been quite open and multicultural and stuff for years. But also here the political climate has changed the last couple of years. The money available for art projects and organizations has become less, because of economic reasons of course but also because of general public opinion. It doesn’t really affect us since we don’t have to make a living out of our art.

Do you feel that being Dutch has given you any benefits at all?
-Hard to say. I think it gives you benefits if you are from a western civilized country in general
compared to a lot of other countries. But especially for being Dutch? Nah, I don’t think so.

What future would you like to see?
-Space invasion!

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