CORROSIVE CARCASS is yet another old school Swedish death metal act that you should lend an ear to. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How hard is it to find a band name that is death metal?
¬-Very hard, almost all good names are taken. We even got into trouble with our first name: Abominator, because some Australians already had it.

When you are a death metal band from Sweden is it possible to escape the past?
– You can, but there’s nothing wrong with past influences.

What was it that made you want to play death metal the way you do? What is so great about the style you play?
-It was the energy and the intensity of bands that we listened to that made us want to play death metal. And the style is great because of the same reason

In playing death metal is there a certain aesthetic that you have to follow? What is death metal and what is not?.
-There is a certain aesthetic, but we try to broaden ourselves in that aesthetic in hope of not repeating ourselves

I tried to write lyrics back in the 80s but I couldn’t quite make them interesting. How hard is it to find the right feeling in the stuff you write?.
-It can be quite hard from time to time, but when it flows by itself it’s the best. I’ve (Jon) tried forcing it and it always ends up being shit.

Where do you draw inspiration from? How important is it to not limit oneself to just one source?
-We draw influences from both the Swedish sound (Dismember,Entombed,Nihilist) and the American sound (Death,Autopsy,Morbid Angel), and also the very old thrash/thrashy stuff (Slayer,Possessed). It’s good (and easier) to have many sources if you want to stand out
from the crowd.

I tried starting a band in the 80s but I couldn’t find the right people willing to commit. How hard is it to find the right people?
-Sometimes it can be a pain, but you to search through your personal network and if that doesn’t work you have to rely on ads.

Where do you find all the info you need to get the band’s name out there to those interested? Is the social media enough?
-We got our name out by playing gigs, send demos to labels/magazines and by having our band on Myspace/facebook etc. The internet can
get your band far, but I think it’s good to use more mediums than just the internet, to make sure you get known to everyone.

How misleading can all the “likes” on Facebook be for your ego thinking that your are bigger than you actually are?
-I think it can be misleading. But we know that you should not take those “likes” so seriously, cause likes are not the same as fans.

What does the future hold for you?
-More gigs and some new releases

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