When I first saw this band’s name, CRAIGH, I thought it was some sort of solo project. It intrigued me enough to wanting to know more. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

How different is it releasing an album compared to a demo where there were no real pressure?.
-It’s a totally different approach. We’ve put a lot more time and effort into the release of the CD. We’ve wanted to make sure we can reach out to the metal community the best way we could to share the music we’ve been working on so hard

What response did you get on your first album? What was the weirdest response you got?
-The response was very positive. From our existing fans as well as from people who just got in touch with our music.In one CD review we got critiziced for having a CD which sounds too well produced. Since it is our first CD it should sound a little bit more like a garage band. wtf? 😀

When you release an album and you go out and play live and people know your songs, how weird is that? That people know what you have written on your own?
-We wouldn’t call the expirience weird. It’s more like an awesome feeling to share the music which we’ve been writing and practicing on for years to all the people out there.

Do you feel that you have to follow in the foot steps of the first album for a second when it comes to lyrics and art work for example?
-Not at all. Our second album will have a total different focus regarding the content of the lyrics and the messages we want to deliver. Also we also strive to grow with every new song in our musical abilities,so the second album will have a vibe of it’s own.

Do you feel like you are a part of a greater community because you play in a metal band?
-The metal community is very vivid and awesome. On every concert we play you can totally feel that metal vibe in the air. People are all super cool and it’s just fun to hang out with metalheads. So yes, we totally feel connected to the metal community

When you have found a sound how hard/easy is it to come up with
songs that fit into the sound?
-In the beginning we didn’t have a fixed genre. So writing songs was absolutely random. We even had a saxophone in one of our songs. As time passed, we’ve decided to stick to a genre, which apparently way, metal. It’s hard to say if it’s harder or easier to write songs for one specific genre. We’d say you have to struggle with other problems when your genre is for example gipsy core melodic death, than just plain jazz

What influences/inspires you today?
-Other metal bands, as well as the big ones out there we’re looking up to like parkway drive, bury tomorrow or killswitch engage as well as other bands we’re playing and touring with.

We hear about what state the record industry is in. Then we hear that cd sales are increasing. As a band that releases records do you notice the state the industry is in?
-As a band which isn’t that well known, selling your music is always hard.Since there are a lot of awesome bands out there it’s super hard to sell your stuff anyway. So to get your stuff out there you have to work your ass off. Which is what we’re doing day by day.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical?
-Both sides have their pros and cons. We support both worlds and also distribute our music physically and digitally. Getting your CD digital is easier and more convenient. But we still think nothing beats a CD which is being bought on the merch stall of a band after a concert

What lies in the future?
-A lot more concerts, working on our next album, world domination

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