CROWN OV HORNS made me think of a time when death metal was all about aggression and brutality and not so much about melodies. Think early Morbid Angel and Deicide and yopu’ll have a pretty good picture of what COH sound like. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I have to admit that I was happily surprised when I heard your music for the first time. It reminded me how great death metal is when done the way you do it. What was it that made you play the kind of death metal?
-Infernal greetings Anders, this is K. Helvete corresponding to your interview. Crown ov Horns is from Sabah, Malaysia, formed in 2008 with K. Helvete on Guitars and Shaun on Drums. Since the beginning we were very much into black and death metal bands such as Zyklon, Vader, Behemoth, Infernal War, Impiety, Cryptopsy which eventually inspired us to form a band. So when we formed Crown ov Horns in 2008 it was naturally our choice of music without any doubt.

Listening to you metal I can hear two great influences; Morbid Angel and Behemoth. Would you say that these two bands define what’s great about death metal?
-Yes indeed that these 2 bands are undeniably important influence for us, though I would not say they can define what death metal is in general, let’s not forget that there are numerous bands that are equally important and influential as well.

I had to search the net in order to get to know of Crown ov Horns. How good are you at promoting the band?
-As you can see we are available on many social media platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, etc. Aside from that, our releases are mostly available through foreign labels and distributors that are acquainted with our label Evil Dead Production and Ars Funebris Records.

When releasing albums on small labels how hard is it to find out to those that would be interested in your death metal?
-Initially every band has to start with smaller labels, not all bands are fortunate enough to get signed on a major label right away. Indeed it is not an easy task, we in the band and our label are always at our best in promoting the music.

How important is the social medias in spreading the word of the band to those that might be interested?
-Definitely one of the most important medium nowadays, though I know some might not agree with me on this, but to each their own. Social media marketing and promotion have proven to be effective for us, we have garnered a good amount of attention and following, and we have managed to make quite a decent number of sales as well.

I gotta say I’m impressed by the cover art work on you latest release. How hard is it to find the right people to work with when it comes to stuff like art work, production/engineering?
-Ironworx Gravefix is also another close comrade of ours, most of his works are killer and we are very fortunate as he stays in the same town as we are, here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The cover art was chosen from the many artworks that he put on sale on the Internet, we chose this one because it can relate to our lyrical concept. We will most likely be working with him again for our upcoming releases. Well, things are a less fortunate though when it comes to sound production and engineering, at the moment there are no sound engineer that can engineer or produce a proper death metal recording, this leave me no choice but to do everything myself, hence the existence of Helvete Studio, a moniker for my home studio.

Coming from a society totally different to the liberal Swedish how does the general public react to you playing death metal? Are you seen as demon spawns?
-Apart from the metal heads and people from the underground scene, only a handful of people know that we play death metal, mostly are close friends and musicians from other genres and they accept us for who we are, without any prejudice.
What kind of national/regional scenes do we talk about? Are there enough people interested in your kind of death metal for you to play live? How important is playing live to you as a band?
-Malaysia consists of 13 states, and separated by the South China Sea into 2 regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. The number of Metal shows here varies, for Peninsular Malaysia, it is more frequent to see Metal shows in Kuala Lumpur, due to the fact that Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, the place where most people congregate. The other states in Peninsular do have their own scene though it is much smaller if being compared. For Sabah, most shows are held in Kota Kinabalu and for Sarawak, there are 2 notable region that has a good number of metal heads, Sibu and Kuching.
Since Crown ov Horns is based in Sabah, transportation is our biggest setback when it comes to playing shows outside our state, as Peninsular is only accessible by air flights. Nonetheless, we have destroyed 4 shows since our inception and we have travelled outside of Sabah to Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur before for live shows.

Where do you see the greatest interest for Crown ov Horns? Any place that has shown more interest than others?
-Based on statistics generated from our social media websites, most visits are from United States, followed by Singapore.

What kind of future would you like for Crown ov Horns to have? Any goals you like to achieve?
-Looking forward to release more music, and to push ourselves beyond the boundaries of extremity on each release we put out. Also, to reach out to more listeners and to play as many live shows as possible. As for now, we have just entered the pre-production phase for our upcoming Full Length, if all goes well I foresee that we will enter the recording studio somewhere in June 2012.

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