CRUSHER pretty much blew me away with their thrash metal reminiscent of an era gone. Of a time when Wehrmacht and Gang Green were at the height of good old thrash metal crossover. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Tell me why Crusher sound the way you guys do?
-I can talk a lot about sound. I love the sound of 80’s metal albums but there are also many interesting albums in terms of sound nowadays. I try not to dwell on one artist or album that I like. We tend to be close to old school thrash metal but at the same time we trying to play thrash metal in our own way. I don’t like too modern tone but abandon the high-quality sound is incorrect. That’s why we try to combine power and madness of old school thrash with nowadays tendencies.
How far back do you look for inspiration when you write your songs?
-There is an inspiration to write a thousand thrash albums in our country. There are a lot of problems associated with the politics, social issues, and other shit in our country. That’s why we have many lyrics about social problems. But I also like the funny lyrics especially after good drinking parties.
What part is the hardest: coming up with song titles or writing the lyrics? How do you know if a title is good?
-I find it’s hard to write lyrics. My English is not so good and I spend too much time on writing. The song’s title comes itself and if it kicks ass that’s the great one.
Is being a three piece the ultimate band line-up? What is so great about being just three guys?
Great question!! In the beginning of CRUSHER our line-up consisted of 4 guys but due to certain circumstances our guitarist left the band. Search for the replacement did not last long. We decided to stay as three piece band. Three people band has a lot of advantages, for example it is much easier to organize them. And when we are going to play in other city the road is cheaper, which undoubtedly pleases the organizers.
How pleased are you with the album now that it is done? Do you feel anything special about it?
-This is a great weight off one’s mind!! We’ve been writing this album for a very long time and many things changed during recording. For us, this is primarily a very good practice and experience, and of course a kind of stage, which we passed. We are glad everything turned out, considering the amount we’ve paid for the recording. There are a few things that we would like to be corrected but it can not be done and we will take them into account in further work in the studio.
How hard is it to find the right people to work with, the people that understands your vision?
-It’s a big problem in Ukraine. Thrash metal is not the most popular music by metalheads in UA. For the moment we started I didn’t know any existing Ukrainian band playing old school thrash. It was very difficult period! Nowadays Ukrainian thrash gets to the new level. It’s all because of the musicians’ efforts. I hope the situation will better in the future.
What kind of thrash metal scene are we talking about in Ukraine? Any great places to play or is it just bigger international bands that get noticed?
-As I said before, Ukraine thrash metal scene is on the level of its origin now. In the late eighties there was great thrash band ADEM, but now thrash is played by 17-25 y.o. guys only.
How important is it to have a national metal press that gives coverage to local/national bands in order to grow as a band?
-National metal press is very important! Unfortunately, there is not so much of it in Ukraine because it’s not so popular. There are few underground magazines but it’s not enough to advertise bands even inside the country.
How pleased are you to have ended up on Total Metal/Metal Scrap Records? What do you think that they will be able to do for you?
-Total Metal Records really helped us. Of course, musicians can do CD’s by themselves, but label supplies with informational support, distribution and more useful things. The biggest help from label is promotion of our bang abroad. This is very important for young band.
How far do you want to take Crusher? How much are you willing to sacrifice to get there?
-I don’t want to say something likes «I will sacrifice all for band» but we are making a lot of plans and we don’t want to stop! We are working on new material now. We are spending all our time and energy on the band and we like it! If it continues the same way it will be awesome and I hope one day to see you from the stage!!
Yaroslav Dyatel

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