I have to admit to not being CRYPTOPSY biggest fan but I can appreciate anybody who put their body and soul into it. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The most obvious opening question would be why you decided to do it on your own this time. So why did you do it this way?
-We’ve had bad contracts in the past and some deceptions with record labels so we decided to try it with the help of some pretty cool hard working folks.Galy records, Revolution Harmony records, Candlelight records, Plastichead distro and Clawhammer promotion.So yeah we’re doing it on our own with an extended family!! lol

When you play the kind of metal you guys do/did does it ever feel like you’ve painted yourself into a corner?
-No I don’t think so, that’s the fun with extreme metal we can pretty much do what we want as long as it remains in the Cryptopsy vain. We couldn’t release an all jazz album if you know what I mean, that’s why there’s side projects.

I gotta admit that I haven’t cared too much for Cryptopsy before. Yet I’ve followed the debate whether or not you sold out. Do people become too involved in a band’s sound to be objective?
-I think some people react well and others take it a little too far. Comments like “I hope you all die in a bus accident” cause they didn’t like an album speaks words about the sanity of some people. I love constructive criticism I think it just betters you and is necessary, the haters well I just try not to listen to them. So yes some people become too involved.

Now that I’ve taken the band name in my mouth a couple of times I’m not sure what it tastes like. Where did the band name come from?
-It tastes like Death metal, lol. Lord Worm came up with the name a long time ago. Crypt and autopsy put together. Means different things for different people.

What is the hardest part of doing it yourself after having been on a reasonable big label? What poses the hardest task?
-Trying to get the CDs everywhere, but the label didn’t do that very well so… Shipping costs are high so it’s the initial investment that’s a bit challenging. We’ll see how it goes and we’ll do our best to make it available to all.

I guess that over the years you’ve collected enough contacts to make it on your own. Where in the process of recording this new album did you experience the biggest uphill struggle?
-The recording was very easy, everyone was prepared. The mix and mastering took a bit longer than normal just because we wanted the sound to be awesome. Also we had no real time restrictions so we made sure things got done well. And yes we have accumulated people over the years that we feel comfortable working with.

When you are on a label what kind of touring support do you get? How do you intend to make it happen now?
-Well we used to get pretty nice tour support like 7 years ago, now labels don’t really do that anymore, everything has dropped as far as support and tour expenses have one up. So it’s kind of a no need situation. Tour offers will come and we will accept the ones that make sense. Also credit cards do the same job, lollll

Has the way labels/promoters work changed in the last ten years? What has changed the most?
-Again less money is given to bands, even merchandise rights are being grabbed by some labels. There are so many bands touring nowadays that promoters have their pick all the time, so they offer less $ to bands that have been around for years. Some bands think it’s ok to tour for a case of beer and cold pizza, that’s got to change or people are gonna start seeing less and less of their favorite bands on the road.

I would feel frustrated knowing that my hard work could be destroyed within seconds of somebody uploading it illegally. How do you stop this from happening?
-It seems like there is no way to stop it, and yes it is very frustrating. It’s just like stealing, if you can live with yourself doing it then so be it, you’re killing the scene and karma’s a bitch.

What future is there for Cryptopsy?
-Hopefully lots of touring in 2013 and perhaps more music! Thanks for the support!

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