CRYSALYS take metal and opera and try to make something of it. The end result isn’t too bad. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Why is it that there as so many Y’s in your band name? Any symbolic meaning to the use of this letter?
-Well, you can read the word Cry at the beginning of the name, for example. That’s why some of our fans like to pronunce the name krahys-uh-lis, but it’s just something that makes our band name more personal. The main concept we want to evoke with our name is the chrysalis and the path that will lead it to the metamorphosis into a butterfly.

What is there to the mix of metal and operatic vocals that you can’t achieve with a traditional metal vocalist?
-Some parts of our songs display a good amount of drama and theatricalism that probably we couldn’t have achieved with a different voice. It’s not only because of the voice, but also thanks to the passion, the knowledge and the exprerience that Chiara’s classical soul can provide

When did opera and metal meet to agree on it being a good combination? What is there to the sub-genre opera metal than the vocals?
-It depends on the listener’s ears. The problem is that those who like metal, probably won’t like Opera, and viceversa. If you like Nightwish or Epica it doesn’t mean that you like Opera. Whatever virtuosism or ploy you can try, if the listener doesn’t apreciate (real) operatic voices, he won’t like Crysalys music. Anyway, we tried and we will try again to incorporate more operatic elements in our music, so as to give Chiara the chance to express all the nuances of her voice. We think the next album will explain better what we mean for Post-Opera.

When you have a vocalist with a range bigger than your typical vocalist what kind of challenges does that bring to the song writing?
-Very nice question. Chiara’s voice is something incredible. She can do almost everything. Paradoxically, the challenge is to understand how to get the most out of her voice, choosing from time to time when to use her clean vocals and when to switch to operatic ones. When Chiara reaches the highest peaks of her voice, it gets hard yet necessary to support her with a music that is as much dramatic. Another difficult challenge takes place in the studio and on stage: it’s not that simple for a sound engineer to handle the dynamic and the range of Chiara’s vocals!

How do you avoid that the songs end sounding the same for a full album? How do you write songs that are different from each other and yet not fall out of the context of the band?
-Thanks to keyboards, synths and the orchestra, we can achieve every kind of sound we like, and that gives us the chance to take the listener from a place into another, to take him into the future or back to the past. Anyway, it’s really important for a band to keep a sense of consistency, at least when it comes to record an album; so Chiara’s voice is so personal that she gives a sense of consistency herself.

Do you work from a concept when you compose for Crysalys? What kind of topics do you touch upon? How important is the lyrics/words to bring out the most of the music?
-Yes, we love to work on a concept, it’s something that inspires you and grows with you day by day while working on new stuff, and it also enriches the sense of consistency we were talking about. Most of the lyrics come after the music, but we like to start writing a song when we already have at least 2-3 periods that could express the sense of the song. Listening to The Awakening of Gaia, you can guess the topics we like to touch: magic, nature, fairy tales, and some metaphores from our mythology.

When you are a band that is pretty much up and coming how do you work to get people to notice you?
-We worked hard on internet to promote us: social network, advertising, etc. Internet is now the cheapest and fastest way to promote a band, but it’s not the same thing to play on stage and to capture fans with your music. So, we hope to have more chances to play live, even supporting big bands.

What are the advantages of having a record label that speaks the same language as you do? What disadvantages are there to being signed to a label based in your home country?
-It depends from country to country, We suppose. Concerning communication, to speaks the same language is not important; to be honest, the label often send us e-mails in english language, because there are a lot of band from other nations in the roster, and we have also to write every bullettin in english as well; we have more foreign fans than italian ones.
In Italy, the main problem is not labels (that should have contact in other nations as well), but metal fanbase. Italy is the country of pop music, and it will always be. Italy never had a solid metal fanbase… There are a lot of metal bands in our country, indeed, and lots of them are pretty good, but it is still difficult for them to spread their music out of our borders. Italy will never act as a springboard for metal bands. But no one is prophet in his own land, right? 🙂

How much time and effort did you invest in making a video? Has it paid off and in what ways?
-To realize a good videoclip is not cheapy, though it is not that expensive as you might think, especially if you try to make do as much as you can. For example, Fabio created the storyboard and the scenery and suggested “The Awakening of Gaia”, because the structure and the dynamics of this track would have helped us making a good video. The video has probably been the best promoting action we ever did. We already achieved more than 150.000 views from all over the world.

Where do you see Crysalys going in the future?
-As we said at the beginning of this very nice interview (thank you very much Anders for this opportunity), we hope that Crysalys will soon evolve into a butterfly. Our first goal is to realize a new album and try to become and remain an important name in the genre, one of those groups that the new generations still appreciate and listen to.

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