CULT OF THE FOX is a traditional heavy metal band from the south of Sweden that might not have gotten the attention they deserve. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is it like to play traditional heavy metal today with so many new bands keeping the flame alive?
-I have been playing traditional metal in different bands for almost 17 years and it has never been this easy to get attention and gigs before. So I think it’s a very good time for classic metal now.

Sweden seems to have become the torch bearer for this rejuvenation of trad metal. Why do you think that so many new bands start to play heavy metal today?
-Growing up in the 90s scene heavy metal was very uncool, when the 90s passed and the retro scene emerged, it was ok to play heavy metal again. Now I guess that more or less all metal styles exist simultaneously instead of one replacing another. There are a lot of new German and Dutch bands that don’t get half of the attention the new Swedish bands get, I really don’t know why but I guess it’s good for us!

I take it that just releasing an album isn’t enough to get noticed. How hard work is it to actually make a name for yourself?
-I think the internet is the upside and the downside to this. It is easy to put out music and get contacts but since it’s so easy the scene gets over flooded with bands doing the exact same thing!

How do intend to take the band forward? Any grand schemes to make Cult of The Fox the next big thing?
-Our main goal is just to keep the band going, hopefully releasing more albums and getting more gigs. Our next step is recording our second album, “Angelsbane”, this summer and hopefully have it out by October this year.

When you are signed to a German label does that bring with loads of cultural clashes in the way you want them to work and the way they actually work?
-We have never been signed to any other label than German so I don’t know, I think musicians always want the labels to promote the music more and getting better deals and labels want music that sells. Nationality doesn’t make a big difference, I think.

You recently signed to another German label (Rock It Up). Is this a step up or will you still be acting on the same level as with the debut album? What do you want to get out of this new deal?
-We think it’s a step up, to a label with more releases and bigger distribution. Hopefully we can get the new album out to a lot more people.

When you come from Southern Sweden you are closer to the continent. Does the fact that you can be in Germany in just a few hours open up more doors to play live?
-Yes, of course you still have a long way to drive for gigs, but we have to possibility to play somewhere in Germany and drive to and fro in a day. Our biggest problem is getting the gigs in the first place…

Malmö has had a great heavy metal scene. What is the metal scene like today? What places are there to play?
-The scene is very poor in Malmö, even if it’s a lot better than it used to be 10-15 years ago. There are some pubs to play but no really good venues for underground metal bands.

How pleased are you with the response you’ve had to your first album “A Vow of Vengeance”? What could have been done differently for it to be more successful?
-We are overwhelmed by the positive response we got for it! Of course when you play on something yourself you listen to it from a musician point of view and not as a music fan and sometimes you think about what could have been done differently. But we are very proud of the record and the songs!

What does the future hold for you guys?
-First up is recording the new album which we are looking forward to a lot, we learned a lot from the previous recordings so it’s going to be a lot of fun and a good chance to prove our capability in writing new songs! We are continually searching for gigs and we played in Holland and France in January and hopefully we can get some German gigs when the record is out!

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