If it is possible to overdose on Swedish death metal then I’m pretty close to doing so. DAEMONICUS is another great Swedish band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you are a Swedish death metal band do you feel the wind from the wings of the past?
-Yeah! The old classic Swedish death metal bands is always brought up in every review and interview and it´s a heritage to be proud off I think. Many of the bands from the early 90´s metal scene is still active and kicking ass today.

What kind of reactions do you get from people abroad when they find out that you are Swedish?
-I have to say that´s we have experienced just positive reactions in that matter. The Swedish death metal is very high ranked in the world.

With so many Swedish bands doing the rounds do you feel any sort of competition? Or is it just one big brother/sisterhood?
-I think all the metal heads from all over the world feel a strong connection to one another. Metal heads against the rest of the society. And that´s the case with the mentality within the Swedish metal scene. I think we all just want to party and have a good time with each other.

Do you feel that you grow as a band for every new release? How do you keep building the band the best possible way?
-Yes most definitely! With our new album Deadwork we have come a very long way since our first demo 2006. The sound and our music skills have developed a lot. And the fact that we now can record everything in our own studio, the C.C.H.B studio, very suitable for us and our music. Now we can be a lot more experimental in the recording of our albums.

With so many bands out there the competition for the listeners must be killer. How do you attract the attention of them? Do you tour or what?
-Yeah we try to tour as much as possible because we love to play live and meet and greet our fans. And Daemonicus is a band that comes to their best when playing live. It´s a hard time to be seen in this media oriented society.

If I were in a band I would have a hell of a time to choose art work, album title, song titles, writing music that hasn’t been heard before, write lyrics, well everything really. How do go about doing all this as good as you do it?
-Well it´s a lot of pieces in the puzzle but we have a good habit to work everything out over a bunch of beers! When we hang out and rehearsal in C.C.H.B. studio we tend to make the time to fix this kind of stuff.

What is the difference being signed to a national label v/s an international?
-You have to ask me again in a couple of months or so. We just signed to Abyss Records but everything so far has been really nice and we have a good feeling about this album! Hopefully it will open some doors for us in the USA market!

What is that you want to achieve with releasing an album? What do you feel that you have achieved so far?
-Our main reason for playing and making music is to have a fucking good time. To get out and meet all of the crazy metal heads out there is why we make our music. And hopefully the people will enjoy our music!

How far do you see Daemonicus going? What would make you want to throw in the towel?
-I don´t see any limits for Daemonicus and as long as we love what we are doing there is no stopping us!!

What future is there?
-Nothing but death!! Thank you and see you guys on the road! Cheers/ Pike, Daemonicus

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