DARK NIGHTMARE is another of my new Greek fave metal bands. I was so blown away by their latest album that I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you come from Greece it seems awfully strange to associate your album with winter. What is it about winter that is so fascinating?
-We live in a town in northern Greece surrounded by the highest mountains, were winter comes early and strong. So the biggest part of our lives is spent on mountain- related activities.

Your sound is being described as epic heavy metal. When you play that kind of metal where do you draw inspiration from?
– We don’t try to force our music in a certain style. The music we play is just what we feel without limits and rules.

Is there a period in heavy metal history that has been more influential than any other? Which have been the most important bands in forming your sound?
– The 80s was the most influencial period of hevy metal but we also draw inspiration from bands that still make music and perform in the present days.The most important bands would have to be : iron maiden,dio,black sabbath,judas priest,crimson glory,qoueensryche,fates warning and many more…..

When I look at your cover art work I get flashbacks to album covers from the 80s. What made you chose the cover art work to “Beneath The Veils Of Winter”?
– When we decided on the name of the album we gave it along with the lyrics to the cover art designer. When we saw his work on this cover we were very pleased because this was exactly what we had in mind.

Do you feel that with each new release you get better and better? Do you have a plan as to where this will end?
– We are definately getting better with practice and experience and each new release is better than the previous ones. We dont know yet were the road will take us but for now we are working on our next EP and then we will start working on new songs for the next album.

I willingly admit that I have a hard time telling all the different sub-genres apart. What kind of bands is a part of the epic heavy metal scene? How often do you interact with these bands?
– When people ask me what kind of music we play i just answer HEAVY METAL not only because people understand it but also because we dont like to limit our music within a certain sub-genre. We interact with various bands and we have common elements in the music we make with some of them.

When you play metal do you feel a kinship with metalheads/band all over the world? Are we like you big united mass of flesh?
– I wouldn’t go as far as calling all the metalheads a “big united mass of flesh” but we certainly feel a connection with people that share the same passion.

What kind of social media feedback is there top the whole heavy metal scene? What kind of benefits can you harvest from the social network?
– Metalheads use social media to find their favorite bands and keep up to date with new releases. We use the social media In order to promote our MUSIC.

Do you ever see any danger in the digital downloaders digging their own grave in not purchasing physical copies?
– Digital downloading makes our music easily available for our fans anywhere.

What would you like for the future to bring to you?
– Health and inspiration.

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