Liechtenstein might not be the biggest of places to come from but no matter how small a country it is DARK SALVATION want to burst out with their melodeath. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Let us get the boring bits done with first. Could you please give us a short intro to the band?
-We are Dark Salvation, a melodic death metal Band from Liechtenstein in the heart of the alps. We were founded in 2008 because of the Lack of metal bands in our country and released our second record “Der letzte Weg” one month ago. Everybody who’s exited to listen to diversified and melodic death metal with Swedish influence will definitely be satisfied with our latest record.

How hard was it to come up with a name for the band? Just from looking at the name I get images of everything from power metal to black metal.
-We once sat together to brainstorm about a great band name. I don’t know exactly who came up with it, but we liked it just right from the beginning.

I remember a time when you just had to release an album and people would be interested. How do you best promote a band today in order to get people to listen to you and not chose another band?
-I think the best way to promote yourself, is to play as many gigs as possible. A good live performance is important. There are many bands which sound awesome on their record, but you get disappointed hearing them live.

How important has it been to you that there have been local and national bands to look up to for inspiration?
-We are from Liechtenstein, a country with 36’000 inhabitants. There is no real metal history or even metal band that could have influenced us. Of course there are great bands from other countries which have influenced us, but we try to sound unique.

How much do you look across borders for inspiration? Any particular country that has been more influential in shaping your sound?
-Well, apparently the northern European countries have influenced us a little bit. But we don’t really care which band is from which country in order to get inspiration.

What kind of feelings are rushing through your bodies when you have a new album to promote? How anxiety-filled is it to wait for the reactions to something that you’ve slaved over making?
-It’s hard to describe. You are very happy when you can finally hear the finished record. It is always very interesting how each individual person interprets your cd. We are always really curious about opinions and critics.

What are your feelings on your new record? How pleased are you with it and what do you expect it to do for you as a band?
-We are absolutely satisfied about our new record. We did much more on our own during the recording process, compared to the debut-album. Of course we hope to win many new fans from all over the world with it.

With all the social media I get a feeling that you have to be an instant success or you’ll disappear just as quickly as you rose. Has the social media changed the way you build up a fan base these days?
-I think performing live is still a very important way to build up a fanbase. But of course it is much easier with the social media to keep your fans up to date. Sharing gig-dates, songs, photos or whatever. It is a big advantage nowadays.

What kind of future is there for DARK SALVATION?
-We will see. We still have fun and this is the most impotant thing! I hope we’ll have the opportunity to play a lot of shows in different countries and meet a lot of metalheads in the future. Thank you for the interview! Dear metalheads check out our new record ”Der letzte Weg” you can find our music video on yourube (www.youtoube.com/darksalvationTV)

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