With a new album I felt it was time to talk to DARK SARAH again. Answers by Heidi Parviainen Anders Ekdahl ©2018

What is new in the DARK SARAH camp? What have you been up to since the last release?
-We have been touring with Sonata Arctica in Finland and done some shows also in The Netherlands. I started writing material for The Golden Moth album straight after The Puzzle was released.

When you finish a recording and then sit back and relax, what kind of feelings do you get? Are you glad it is finished? Does the anxiety grow, not knowing if everybody will like it?
-Everyone is really happy when the album is ready and I feel that the perfect moment is to celebrate it when the album is being mastered. You can hear the songs there many times in a big space. It always takes so much time between the time when the master is delivered to the moment when it actually comes out so it is pain to wait that long. Then you just have to put the ready album aside and concentrate on other things. For me, because I manage all the business stuff in Dark Sarah, there is still a lot of work left after the album is ready. I have also started to compose quite quickly new material.

What is it like to be in a studio recording your music? What kind of feelings and thoughts race through your heads?
-It is a lot of fun but also sometimes but also hard work. I have to be able to put up your best there so it adds a little pressure too. Many of us also have day jobs so sometimes it takes a while to get into the right mood. But when you go into the singing booth you forget everything else.

Today I get a feeling that the promotion of a band lands a lot on the bands themselves so how does one promote oneself the best possible way in order to reach as many as possible?
-You must be active in social media and if possible get other artists to team up with you and do promotion for each other. Everyone benefits from team work!

Today we have all these different sub-genres in metal. How important is that you can be tagged in one of these? Why isn’t metal enough as a tag?
-I think tagging helps people to find the right metal bands. There are really different bands under a metal tag so it would be really hard to find the bands that might interest you without any more specific tagging.

What importance is there in being part of local/national/international scene? Does playing in a band make you feel like you are a part of something bigger?
– I know it does to me knowing that in some slight way I was a part of the Swedish death metal scene in the 90s. The community is like a safety net, it is really good to network with other artists, fans, business partners etc. because it helps you with your career. In that way it is like being part of something bigger than you would be just on your own.

Ever since I first got into metal the art work has been a main motivator in buying a record. What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
-Dark Sarah´s visual material is always also linked to the story. So everything from promotional photos, album covers and booklets to music videos etc mean something. They play a big role in story telling.

How important is having a label to back you up today when you can just release your music on any sort of platform online? With the ability to upload your music as soon as you’ve written it the freedom to create has become greater but are there any negative consequences to music being too readily available to fans now that every Tom, John and Harry can upload their stuff?
-A label is one associate and they work for you and help you in finding distributors, do promotion etc. If you don´t have a label, you need need to do this on your own and it is not easy to get your album out there without help. But anyone can digitally distribute their music nowadays and it´s good for all the indie bands out there. Digital music is taking over the physical CD sales already and I feel it is where we are going. But with it there comes side effects too like illegal music downloading.

What is a gig with you like? What kind of shows do you prefer to play?
-We feel that our music is best on a big stage but we really love also playing smaller club shows too where you really can interact with the audience.

What lies in the future?
-Shows hopefully! I have also started to compose the fourth album. So let´s see when it is time for that.

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