You might know Heidi Parviainen from her previous band Amberian Dawn but that was then. Now she’s DARK SARAH. A symphonic metal band from Finland. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

What is this really all about? Why the idea of going solo?
-Already before my last album with Amberian Dawn came out in 2012 we knew that our path had come to it´s end and it was time for both of us to move on. Then I decided that it was time for the project that had been in my mind for a long time but I never had enough time to go forward with it. It was the easiest way to start it as a solo artist because there was no band I was joining. Now Dark Sarah works mostly like a band even though it is kind of my solo project.

What is behind the name DARK SARAH?
-It became the name for the project from the first lyrics I wrote, the song is called “Save Me”. It tells a story of a young woman called Sarah and after being left at the altar in her own wedding she almost brakes down but instead something wakes up inside of her and she changes to her evil side persona Dark Sarah.

Is there a difference in people’s attitude towards you if you don’t come from a cool place like LA or NY or London?
-I don´t know how people from cool places are treated but I have always been treated quite nicely. But honestly I feel that “Hellsinki” Finland is a cool place to come from when it comes to metal music scene. And there is quite cool around the whole year too ;).

When you release an album that get pretty good reviews how do you follow up on that?
-Surely it is nice to get good reviews and to hear that the critics like it. It is always nice to get good feedback of your work. But for me the real critics, the mass critics, are the people who buy the albums and start following you and become your fans if they like your music.

What is the biggest challenge in the creation of an album, to write the songs or to come up with really good songs?
-I think it is most important to go forward with the songs that you find good and sometimes they can even develop into really good songs and hopefully there is at least one another person who likes it too! It is always up to the listeners what songs they find the best.

Do you prefer working digitally or is physical still cooler?
-I think it is nice to have the digital publishing channels too but I find it personally still more appealing with a real physical CD, when you can hold the booklet and check out the artwork and the lyrics.

With a sound that is being described as both this and that by fans how do you view your sound?
-I think our sound is quite close to symphonic metal with classical female vocals added with elements of films music and even music theater.

How important are the lyrics and what message do you want to purvey?
-In Dark Sarah the lyrics is the key to the story and to the deeper understanding of the concept too. But it is also possible to just listen to the music if some one is not so into stories and adventures. 😉

What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
-I think a good artwork supports the album. It works the same way like a book. It is the first thing you see and it possibly tells you what genre the music is, who is the artist/band and maybe something else that attracts your attention and then maybe you buy it and go home to listen to it. In my opinion it is important to give some kind of a mental image to the listeners about your music/band and an album cover is a good way to do it.

When you play live do you notice a degree of greater recognition from the fans with each new time you pass through town?
-Not that much, but on Amberian Dawn´s second tour with Epica, I noticed we had more our own fans there waiting for us at the venues than the first time.

What do you see in the future?
-I am planning to start working on a new album soon. And I also hope that we can do a lot of live shows around the Europe.

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