This lot comes from my hometown Helsingborg yet I’ve never really paid them too much attention. But that is gonna change with their new album. Let me present to you Peter Wildoer/DARKANE. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When you released your first album back in 1999 was there a Helsingborg scene to speak of?
Peter: Not really. There were just Soilwork and a handful of other bands. Metal were not as popular here back then as it is today. Now there are most likely 30-40 metal bands in and around Helsingborg and a lot of young kids start new metal bands all the time. It’s a great progression and metal is a great way of learning and having to improve on your instrument.

Your last album was released 5 years ago. Does it feel like you are starting fresh again?
Peter: It definitely feels like a fresh start. Not only because it’s been way to long since we released the last album ‘Demonic art’ but mostly because our first vocalist Lawrence Mackrory who sang on our debut album ‘Rusted Angel’ in 1998 is back with us again. He injected a lot of new energy in the band and had us take it to the next step! We are very excited about the new album ‘The Sinister Supremacy’ and I personally think this is a mix of classic Darkane song mixed with some new elements.

How do you maintain a following when you have been inactive for a while?
Peter: Well that’s not easy. I think the interest in Darkane has probably gone down a bit the last couple of years since it’s been so long since we released something and toured. Today when media is running so fast you kind of have to be present all the time to remain an interest in the band. This was not the case with Darkane for a while but we sure want to change that now!

How pleased are you with your new album? What kind of expectations do you have on it?
Peter: Like I said, we are very pleased with the album and it’s definitely among our best releases ever. Everything is great this time, the songs, our performance and the production. Everything is there like brutality, melodies, technical parts and simply great tunes. I hope it will be welcomed well in the metal scene. I don’t know what to expect since it’s very hard to be seen in the overwhelming flow of news over internet today. You have to be active all the time. I do expect us to tour more though and this is something we all want to do. These songs deserve to be played live and they are are great fun to play!

DARKANE seemed to have had problems with keeping members. What is the hardest about being in a band?
Peter: I don’t agree on this. Yes, we have had three different vocalists over the last 14 years but the other four of us have been solid all the time. There are other bands that has changed more members than we have. Christofer [guitar], Jörgen [bass] and myself have been playing together for more than 20 years and we’ve known Klas almost as long and been playing with him for 15 years. We are best friends and have lots of fun together. Sure, we’ve had some different vocalists over the years but the reason for changing vocalist have been other problems than personal, we are still great friends with both Andreas and Jens.

How tough has it been that you never really made it all the way to the top despite receiving great press and touring with some really great acts?
Peter: It would of course have been amazing to really have made it big with Darkane but we’re very happy with what we have accomplished. We have had the opportunity to travel the world, record albums and meeting fans. The only thing is that we never made it so big that we could live from it. Today it’s even harder to survive on music but we’re happy if we can tour and record albums.

When it comes to artwork, have you had a concept that you have followed? What thoughts have you had to the artwork, both past and present?
Peter: We haven’t had a specific concept for our artwork from album to album. But the artwork is very important and have to deliver some kind of feeling for the album. Our debut album ‘Rusted Angel’ had the artwork done quite early in the process and many lyrics were inspired by the cover art. The ‘Expanding senses’ cover art was inspired by a dream that a friend of mine had that people would be imprisoned by being molded into walls etc. Also the lyrics on that album is very inspired by that whole theme, especially the mental aspects of imprisonment and mental illness. It’s very much the same them on the new album ‘The Sinister Supremacy’. The cover art is a Rorschach test that shows what a mentally ill person sees. This goes hand in hand with the lyrics that are much about our darker sides.

When you write music do you think about the fact that you have to live with it forever once it is out there or do you write more for the moment?
Peter: We absolutely write for the moment and what comes to our minds in the creative process. We never write something and think that this will be popular for many years to come or this is something people will enjoy. We write music that we like and then it’s great if other people like the music too!

Are lyrics important? Does everybody in the band have to be behind the lyrics?
Peter: Lyrics are absolutely important to deliver the vibe but we more or less see lyrics like something that have to be there. We’re not great writers but like to have good lyrics. Not everybody have to be behind the lyrics but we never write about politics, religion or such and for that reason it’s not a statement that everybody have to agree on. We mostly write fictitious lyrics that goes well with the music.

Do you feel any bitterness when you look back at the band’s history? What will the future hold?
Peter: Absolutely not! As I said we’ve done more stuff than most bands. There are thousands of bands that never get outside their rehearsal room so we are happy with what we’ve been through. I sure hope the future holds some great touring and many more metal years to come!!!
Stay metal!

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