DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT is one of my fave German black metal bands. I’ve been followingthem for some years now and with a new album ready to crush the infidels there was no time like now for an interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Your band name is one of the coolest I’ve come upon in recent years. How hard was it to come up with it? What came first, the band or the name?
DNS: In the beginning when D. N. Slaughtercult started out over 15 years ago there was no idea for a name. Although we were and still are heavily influenced by old school Scandinavian Black Metal we did not want to simply choose a name out of the lyrics of another band, author or in general someone else’s work. This approach is most often taken by impersonators, but not by individuals who try to walk their own path. Thus, we were looking for a name that would be unique on one side and expressive on the other. Thus, we decided upon a union of three terms. These three terms are regarded as a union of great powers symbolizing three aspects of the band.

DNS have released a couple of albums that has been very underground. How do you feel that these albums have been received?
DNS: Keeping in mind that we’ve been self-releasing as well as self-financing the first four albums without pretty much no promotion at all I’d say they’ve been received very well by the international underground. Underground or not – throughout the years there has been a constant demand for the older albums.

To me DNSC have always been a very underground band but recently you seem to have taken a few steps towards the light. What is it that made you take these steps now?
DNS: We are definitely not taking any steps towards the light. We are merely expanding darkness! As previously mentioned D. N. Slaughtercult has been independent for many years. With every album we could noticed that more and more time was consumed by work related to the band, but not the main purpose namely composing music. Dealing too much with the so called business will kill your creativity. Getting an insight on how certain “people” within the scene work will definitely let you turn away in disgust. Prior to releasing our fifth album Saldorian Spell we had to make a decision – either stagnation because we were simply at our limit concerning spare time or finding a suitable label for our very first record deal after twelve years. Our cooperation with War Anthem Records has been a good choice. They respect what we are doing and don’t make any decisions without us having the last word.

Your albums all follow a very thematic theme. How much of a plan has there been to the way the band is presented?
DNS: Honestly there is no such thing as a master plan. Of course each album follows a specific idea, but that is not more than a broad perspective of what we’d like to transpose. This approach provides enough freedom to embed both musical and lyrical variety within the album.

Of all you releases is there one that has been more important than the other? One where you can say that this is the point when things turned?
DNS: The very first release “The Pest Called Humanity” is equally important as for example the new album, the sixth chapter entitled “Necrovision”. With every new release we’ve noticed a certain progress. It has been constant and natural. Reaching a sort of tipping point is not that important as long as a release satisfies our expectations.

When you have a clear vision of what you want to do how hard is it to find like minded individuals to share the vision with?
DNS: That certainly depends on the nature of the vision. It is well known that afar the paved road the paths are narrow and lonely. Lo! Where there is a path there are also footmarks. This implies that every path has been walked before, thus there is at least one suitable individual to accompany your journey. Alas! Finding the One amongst the Millions might be a lifespan engulfing quest.
When you formed the band how far did you think it would take you? Did you think that you’d still be doing this in 2012?
DNS: In the early days we had absolutely no expectations or goals we wanted to reach. It has pretty much stayed the same until nowadays. The horde is our lifework. It is based on honesty and conviction. All we intend to do is express ourselves. This also means that two, three maybe even four years may lie between album releases.

When you record an album what is it that you want to get out of it? What is that you want to bring to the listener?
DNS: That’s truly indifferent to us. With Slaughtercult we’re reflecting a very personal part of ourselves. Each song is created with utmost conviction. It symbolizes our individual philosophies, thoughts, experiences and emotions. So, obviously we want to create an album that we as an individual can be proud of. Once everything is accomplished it has to be soothing for the artist’s soul. Whatever the listener takes out of it is up to him or herself. In case someone just wants to consume the music that’s fine with us. Another person might even read the lyrics – good. Yet another person might read the lyrics and ponder about their meaning – great. Perhaps that’s basically what we’ve been saying all these years – step above the ordinary human rank and file. Crown yourself an individual – take previously defined terms and find your own suitable meaning. Whatever you do, do it with sincerity and absolute will.

Do you feel that you are a part of a greater black metal scene? What is black metal to you?
DNS: In case your definition of a “greater black metal scene” means a group of people sharing a similar interest in music, then yes, we’re part of this greater scene. However, within every scene you’ll discover another “scene”. The outer rings are definitely not as narrow as the inner rings. All this means is that whatever your individual interpretation or philosophy of life is there will be just a very small amount of likewise persons in the world. None will be exactly like you, but the ones near your own orbit will radiate the brightest light.

What future do you see for DNS?
DNS: Well, with the new album “Necrovision” being out we’ll simply have to see what the upcoming year holds in store for us. The upcoming year might even spit forth our return to Sweden!

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