Austria might seem like an exotic place to play metal as we hear so little from bands native to the country- Perhaps DARKFALL can change that. Interview with Thomas Spiwak (vocals). Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How well does the band name define your music?
-As DARKFALL should stand for a dark and mysterious scenario, I think the band name defines our music very well. In combination with the album title Road To Redemption and the lyrical concept about the variations of death, it works just perfect.

When you pick a band name what is that you are looking for?
-We were just looking for a pregnant and atmospheric band name, which should sound memorable but not that stereotype. It was a criteria that it describes something dark and threatening is coming your way.

I have to admit that I know very little about the band. Could you please give me a short introduction into the band?
-DARKFALL is an Austrian band and ever since the very beginning in January 1995 DARKFALL stands for a mixture of down-to-earth Thrash/Death Metal using catchy and melodic guitar harmonies, a thunderous bass guitar, tons of double bass attacks and harsh and raw vocals. With various tours and concerts in quite a few European countries we have earned some great live experience and now we just want to continue our metal way of life with touring and releasing some more brutal stuff.

You have an album out now. How pleased are you with it. What do you expect it to do for the band?
-Yeah, our new album is called Road To Redemption and was released on 05/24/2013 via Noisehead Records. The album contains 10 intense songs and a very scaring intro and was recorded at Studio 66 and mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studios. Road To Redemption is a fine landmark in the world of metal and for sure we are pleased with it. I don’t know what to expect, but we all hope that Road To Redemption can help us to reach the next level and that it creates a fine basis for us to improve and to develop.

How important is it that you can be placed in a specific metal genre? Does it really matter what you play as long as it is metal?
-I don’t know how important it is to be specified, but it’s the common way in business. We just play the metal we want to play and that’s it. Call it whatever you want, as long you call it some kind of metal. But using the well-known subgenres of metal I would use Thrash and Death to describe our style.

How do you feel that you fit in on a national level? What is it like to be a metal band in your area?
-I really don’t care about national levels or something like that. Metal is a global kind of music and you can find metal heads all over the world. So I don’t want to minimize my thoughts on national level or areas. In general Austria owns some really great metal bands, but maybe it’s a little bit hard to break the regional chains because our scene is not that big than the scenes for example in Germany and the international response on Austrian bands is not that enthusiastic as it could or should be . But moaning is not the best advisor and so we just have to continue and take our chances to reach a more international level.

Do you remember what it felt like realizing that there were people in other countries actually liking your music?
-While playing our tours in various European countries the responses on our music were just great and of course it’s a special honor to receive some good reactions abroad. But it really doesn’t matter where you play, you always play for some metal heads wanting to get their heads blown off. And so you have to give your fucking best. No matter if you’re playing in your hometown or abroad. It’s just some kind of respect to your fans.

What are your thoughts on digitally distributed music? Will it kill the way music used to be consumed? Will it be the death of the album as we know it?
-In general I’m not that big fan of digital media. In general I prefer compact disc or vinyl of course. But if digital music is distributed in a legal way I’m just fine with it. The greater pain in the ass are the illegal download shits in the world wide web. That kind of distribution really sucks and is just a crappy form of disrespect towards the artist. But as long as there are plain music fans the old formats will survive, although their importance shrivels.

How important are the social media and how do you know which one to chose to donate your time to?
-Yeah, social media platforms. The new way of promotion. With every single day they are getting more important and you have to show some presence on different kinds of social media platforms to stay in contact with your fans. Personally I think they are a double-edged sword and with them the spirit disappears more and more. But I also have to admit that it’s much easier to promote your stuff and spread your music.

What plans for the future are there?
-In near future we just want to hit the road and hopefully in autumn or next spring we are able to join a European tour to bring our music to the metal heads out there. While our management is working on all that business shit we will start working on our upcoming album and of course we just want to improve and bring our metal to the next level. We are just at the beginning and we are ready to face some new challenges. Thanx for your support and thrash till death!

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