Madagascar might to the most of you just be a fun animated movie but it is an actual place too. DARK ’INSIDE is the second band from that island that I’ve interviewed. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Dark’Inside are new to me so please tell me a bit about the band?
-Dark’inside was created in 2009 with 6 friends as members:
Dina (Guitar & vocal)
Micha (Lead vocal)
Marielle (Bass and vocal)
Miahy (keyboard)
Tsilavina (Drum)
Andrea (Lead guitar)
I think that the passion for all kind of Rock and Metal Music was the cause about the creation of our band. Most of all, Dark’inside, as every Malagasy Metal follower knows it, is a Melodic Atmospheric Death Band (with symphonic sounds from the keyboard).

When you come from a continent/land not known for its rock/hardrock history how hard is it to get people to understand and support what you do?
-All the members are living in Madagascar (Antananarivo) who’s not really known for his Metal or Rock history (internationally). Difficult. It’s because of the society. Most of the Malagasy people think that Metal music are just noise so even if we send our songs in many radio stations, ALMOST of them do not broadcast it ($) hahaha! Otherwise, the sound engineers are not really able to make the correct Metal sounds as we want it…!

Where do you find inspiration to your music?
-The inspiration comes from “the dark’INSIDE of us”, society, experiences, love… environment of our daily life… everything.

What is it that you want with your music?
-Dark’ inside’s music is a tool to strengthen the weeks, to say what is impossible to say and especially to give life and a story Malagasy Rock.

What is it like to be a band in a country that barely has internet access?
-It’s really difficult but it’s possible.

If you want to check out the latest international acts where do you turn to? Are there rock radio stations that can supply you with the latest acts?
-First of all, There’s no Rock radio Station in Madagascar … we only has 2 or 3 Rock emissions in our province (Antananarivo…1hour/week) … the international rock news is necessarily sought on the Internet (specialized sites…facebook pages…youtube…)

How do you go about to get your music recorded? Are there any good recording studios with people that understand your music to help you?
-For recording studios, there are some who understand but we ended up having our own record label created by five groups who’s Dark’inside. (Band House Studio)

How big is the rock/hardrock scene? What places are there to play?
-Around from 500 to 1000 persons (indoors) … 1000 to 2000 (outdoor shows).

What kind of audience do you attract?
-I noticed that the 15 to 19 years are most attracted … at the same time there is not a real limitation.

What would you like the future to carry for you?
-About the future, we just keep hope to continue our music to larger, increase talent and

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