This is so much better than X-mas, Hanukah, you name it. DARKNESS are back with a new album. No! I’m not talking about the British comic band. I am talking about the only true DARKNESS, the German thrash gang. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

DARKNESS is a classic German second wave of thrash band. Why didn’t you guys break bigger than you did back in the days?
-In the beginnig the start in the music scene was a kind of rebelion for us. We were against everything, teacher, parents, work, no matter what, and so we act against the commercial business, too. Loved by the underground, hated by the bosses. Thereby of course we were denied with the great support. We were young and we have made many errors. This is the explanation, that fails the great success.

When you decide to get together again with what purpose do you do so? How different is it to be a band today compared to when you first started?
-There was no masterplan for all that. It was a natural evolution, started stronger in the year 2004 when Arnd and me came back in contact and decided to make music together again. There is no big difference to play in a band these days if you have fun and love what you do. Sometimes it´s a fight against time. In the eighties we had a lot more time.

You released two albums that are classics now. How do you follow that with this new album? How is it possible that this new album is almost harder than your earlier albums?
-It is not really harder, it actually has the same charisma like the both from the past. The production of course is better but still raw and authentic. We tried to find a mixture of our old roots with new ideas. Fresh and modern sound, but recorded like the old days. That´s not the normal way nowadays, every band trigger their sounds immeasurably and then often they sounds all like the same. That is what we are trying to prevent. Darkness sounds straight, candid and honest, that is the most important thing for us actually.

I have to admit that you’ve managed to keep almost everything true to the DARKNESS aesthetic. How intentional was it to keep things as close to heart as possible?
-As you mentioned : for me it is a matter of heart. I´m not really a friend of reunions. It´s strange to see bands from the past with new members. That´s why we tried to break new ground, but our roots came increasingly through, so the reborn of Darkness comes nearer step by step, a development which you could not stop. And now it feels great. And that´s exactly the main reason why we are back again !

Thrash metal has been around for 30 plus years now. What is it with thrash that has made it survive for all those years while other subgenres come and gone?
-The nineties have been trying to kill the thrash metal, really hard times for our beloved music style. But it survived and now it´s stronger than ever, cause it is not just a trend, it´s a lifestyle, a conviction, maybe a religion replacement.

Can we speak of a German thrash metal sound? And what is it that makes it unique? I am not alone in loving you guys and all the thrash bands that came from Germany in the 80s/early 90s.
-We had no choice so early somehow to do something differently. A fluke perhaps, as regards the sound-producing. Sometimes it´s good if you just do.

What state is the metal scene in today in your opinion? Are people as loyal to the scene today as we were back in the days?
-I think we can be very satisfied with our scene. We have a lot of clubs and bars with good music, also live music, and a good choice of festivals. The number of young fans and musicians is also growing. Most young guys are very faithful and loyal, that should take other music-scenes as a model. There are actually times when you think everything is perfect, which is not 100% true, but feels like this !

Has the access to music been made too easy? Are people becoming lazy and spoiled, wanting everything instantly and expecting to pay nothing for it? I remember how you had to wait for your traded tapes to come back with the mail. How that built up an excitement.
-It´s a curse and a blessing. But there always comes to the appreciation. A free download will never generate the same emotion like a laborius record purchase. The joy of getting something to which one you had to wait a long time, is indescribable. Not everyone understands that nowadays, that´s sad.

How are you going to promote this new album to get maximum out of it? In my ears this is an album that every serious metal fan should go out and buy.
“The Gasoline Solution” completes the Darkness-triology. It feels really like the true third album. What could be a better advertising ?! All thrash, speed and heavy metal fans who have waited for years to such an album, here it is !

What will the future bring?
-In the best case, we will still have some years of fun with our music. Arnd always says that the current line-up, to the changes and deaths of the past 30 years, is the “MOST DARKNESS-A-LIKE” occupation ever! Such statements still compel us to destroy a lot of stages and to work on new material for the album number “four”. I have nothing actually to add

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