I’ve always thought that there is something a bit more to the French metal scene. Have ever since the 80s. And with DARKTRIBE there is no reason to change. Interview answers by Anthony AGNELLO (Vocals). Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How do you know what style of metal you want to play when you form a band? Where did the inspiration for the band come from?
-We’ve just heard our feelings…we put what we like in each part of our music, taking influences from bands who run our life like Iron Maiden and Metallica. The inspiration comes from the balance between Heavy, Power, Progressive and Symphonic Metal bands.

There has always been a great French heavy metal scene but you guys don’t seem to make it out to those interested the way German, American or Swedish bands do. Why is that and has it changed over the years?
-No, it’s not changed over the years. Why? Because great heavy metal music comes from the North Europe scene, it’s not a conclusion, it’s reality. German, American or Scandinavian bands prove to the world their control of it. In France, metal bands don’t find a support as you can find in these countries, so, for us, it’s logical to take this way. We would like to follow the road traced by Gojira, a big thanks to them to export the French metal around the world.

I’ve noticed that bands often turn to Sweden or Finland when they want their albums’ mixed and mastered. What is it that you can find in Finland and Sweden that you can’t find in France?
-French studios are more specialized in rock, pop or classic music. The exceptional works done by Finnish or Swedish studios bring their notoriety over the metal world. We would like to get a pure epic metal sound for our first album, and we’ve asked Finnvox Studios to do this job, in regard of their work on Nightwish and Sonata Arctica productions. You can’t find this in France, all production seems like more brutal or classical.

What kind of scene is there in France for a band like yours?
-It’s very difficult to find a professional place to play symphonic or heavy metal in France. You will find an important part of death, black and hardcore players. There’s no really support, just a handle of guys who work every day to sustain the French metal scene, but it’s not sufficient. For French metallers it’s an obligation to travel out of their frontiers.

How much attention does an album release get in France for a band like yours? Is it frustrating that you have to seek elsewhere to get noticed?
-A very very very limited attention…but there’s no frustration from us, we bring the idea that Darktribe is not just a French band but an European one, and it’s very interesting to prove our music all over the world. We are very proud to sign a contract with a German label and if you take a look all around you, a lot of heavy metal bands are signed in foreign distribution.

When you name your band Darktribe does that open up for confusing as to what style you play?
-No, we found the name 3 years ago, the main idea was darkness for the tragedy of life and family for the union between us, so, Darktribe is born. We don’t really care about the style we play.

Does the lyrics and band name have anything in common? What kind of topics do you deal with in your lyrics?
-Right, lyrics are really linked with Darktribe’s subjects, in particular by the wildlife around us. For Mysticeti Victoria we asked Loïc to search tragical and powerful guitar parts to explain the human condition in a final confrontation with Mother Earth. Darktribe is that, a surviving experience.

How does the underwater theme on the album cover tie in with the lyrics? How important is the cover art work today when people rather buy downloads as supposed to physical CDs?
-The underwater theme was found by Julien, he though at the end of the world, like an incredible wave who overwhelm everything. Every song in Mysticeti Victoria writes a chapter of this idea. Julien gave me all his emotions and I’ve tried to put it in my lyrics works. Even if they’ll download our album by Internet, we think, maybe wrong, that people are waiting today a professional product, from the start to the end with a good production and artwork. I keep the idea that a physical CD is better than a computer file, like a new toy held in your hands, brings you good vibrations when you put into your stereo.

Do you as an album debuting band notice the change in how people consume music today?
-If you are honest with people who support your band and motivated to face the difficulties, you have a chance to prove your talent at the huge music industry. Yes, consumers have changed their habits but they are always searching a band with a spirit and something to say.

What would you like the future to hold for Darktribe?
-Share our music with fans, friends, family and each person who has a different perception of their life on this planet.
We would like to continue on this way, riding the road, playing everywhere and showing how the life is awesome.

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