DAWN AHEAD is a German thrash/heavy metal band that I really like. Read what Thomas (Guitar), Marcel (Guitar) has to say. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

A band name says more than thousand words, or does it? How important is a band name to get people interested in your music?
Thomas: In my opinion, a cool and incisive bandname is very important for the recognition value. On the other hand, a lot of Metalcore bands are very successful and they don`t give a shit about their band name.

When you finish a recording and then sit back and relax, what kind of feelings do you get? Are you glad it is finished? Does the anxiety grow, not knowing if everybody will like it?
Thomas: Exactly. You`re working your ass of until exhaustion, you`re glad and proud when you hold the result in your hands, but if nobody likes it, the work was in vain. This period is very scary.
Marcel: It takes some time until I can sit back and listen relaxed to the final recording. The first few days I´m still kinda in working mode and analyze, probably overanalyze, everything I´m hearing. But especially on the last EP I was able to enjoy it even this period and even more after some time. Of course I am a little tense before release, but there always will be some people who don´t like what you´re doing. But as long as I´m happy with my work, I´m fine with that.

What is it like to be in a studio recording your music? What kind of feelings and thoughts race through your heads?
Thomas: During the recordings you feel and think absolutely nothing. You are totaly focused on your work and you`re trying to do your best job. All thoughts and feelings come in the evening, after 2 or 3 after work beer.
Marcel: When you are feeling it, but not thinking about it – that´s the place I´ll wanna get to. But you can´t force it to happen. Occasionally the music carries you into that state of mind for a short moment in time and this is when the magic happens.

Today I get a feeling that the promotion of a band lands a lot on the bands themselves so how does one promote oneself the best possible way in order to reach as many as possible?
Thomas: You have no chance without professional support. Nobody will find you, nobody will listen to your music and nobody knows you, if you don`t have someone who takes care off your promotion.

Today we have all these different sub-genres in metal. How important is that you can be tagged in one of these? Why isn’t metal enough as a tag?
Thomas: I think a lot of people like the underground and rebellion thing in Metal music. So they want not share their music taste with millions of people and they are looking for new bands and new sub-genres all the time. And for a lot of bands it is a challenge to create new sub-genres, to bring metal Music onto the next level. Sometimes that works, sometimes not.
Marcel: I think everyone hast two individual categories – good and bad music, music you can make an emotional connection to and music you don´t. I just hope we are tagged into the „good music“ category.

What importance is there in being part of local/national/international scene? Does playing in a band make you feel like you are a part of something bigger? I know it does to me knowing that in some slight way I was a part of the Swedish death metal scene in the 90s.
Thomas: Absolutely. If you are playing in a metal band or just listen to Metal music and enjoying live concerts, you are part of the biggest and greatest family worldwide. You are part of the metal family. And it is a unique feeling to support the scene with your own music.

Ever since I first got into metal the art work has been a main motivator in buying a record. What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
Thomas: A cover art work doesn`t make an album better or worse. But most time it is the first impression. So it is important to have a appealing cover art work, when you are a nameless band.
Marcel: Personally, I´m not giving it the same attention as the music, but nevertheless it´s a very important part of completing the picture and making a well-rounded package. With the album cover to our new EP „A Trip of Violence“ we were pretty successful with that I think.

How important is having a label to back you up today when you can just release your music on any sort of platform online? With the ability to upload your music as soon as you’ve written it the freedom to create has become greater but are there any negative consequences to music being too readily available to fans now that every Tom, John and Harry can upload their stuff?
Thomas: I can`t see negative consequences about that. The market is getting bigger, but people still buy only what they like. It is your only chance to release your music, if you don`t have a label deal.
Marcel: I am grateful to be able to release my own music and share it with the world. So why should I deprive others who are passionate and want to the same of that opportunity? Of course it is hard to get bigger, so I am happy for every fan we have and gain. I don´t know from where I got this, but someone said: „In the 80´s there were thousands of bands selling millions and now there are millions of bands selling thousands“ – this statement is funny ´cause it´s true.

What is a gig with you like? What kind of shows do you prefer to play?
Thomas: I prefer to play little club gigs. The atmosphere is someting special, you see every face in the crowd, and after the show you can talk to the people while drinking a beer. The truth is, we don`t sell enough albums to play bigger concerts.
Marcel: You are not going to see us in a fancy stage outfit. We like it the Thrash Metal way, just being ourselfs on stage. But still it is very important for us to entertain the audience and get a connection between band and crowd.

What lies in the future?
Thomas: Playing concerts in the winter and release our first Album in 2019.
Marcel: Before that we are also planning to do a little video for our song „Sinister Thoughts“ from our new EP.

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