Swedish death metal! You never tire of the old Gods and thankfully there are new to be discovered, like DEAD AWAKEN. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When you were to name the band how tough was it to come up with a name that would be a declaration of intent?
-Actually, the guys had come up with the name, when I joined. I think the name was natural to them, when they heard it.

How tough is it to be a Swedish death metal band today? Do you feel that you get extra attention just because you are Swedish?
-We probably get some extra attention due to fact that we’re Swedish. However, despite what some reviewers seem to think, we’re not heavily influenced by bands like Entombed. We like and respect those bands, but we never really tried to sound like them. We always tried to do things our way and always leaned more towards U.S style bands.

How did you end up where you are today? What kind of journey has it been so far?
-Oh, the journey actually started in 1988, when I started my first band, Abhoth. Our current drummer is the old Abhoth drummer, so we’ve got a lot of history under our wings. We’ve seen trends and bands come and go. It’s been a bumpy ride, with lots of line-up changes, etc. Things begin to feel really stabile now. I’m happy!

How pleased are you with your latest record work? What kind of expectations do you have on it?
-We’re happy with it. That was the best we could do, when we recorded it. We’re really looking forward to recording our next album, as we’ve learned a lot. Some things will be done very differently, the next time. We hope to get out and play live more, as we’ve had mostly great reviews!

When you sign with a label today what is that you expect them to do that you can’t yourself?
-Good question! We’re really happy with Abyss and Dan. It’s great to have someone with experience handle most of the promotion and distribution.

Ever since the 80s Swedish metal has been treasured but now Sweden is leading the pack. Does that fact help you in getting the band noticed?
-I’m sure it doesn’t hurt!

How should you rate the interest you get from social media sites? What does it mean in the real world if you gets thousands of thousands likes?
-As the album just got released, the interest is just starting to grow. It’s cool if people like our facebook page, but that doesn’t mean they automatically come to our shows and buy our albums/merch.

Does it help to have a product to show for, physical or not, when you compete for the spot on a tour or anything of that sort?
-Of course it does. We’re used to being labeled a shitty demo band, having a full album out seems to gain you some respect. All of a sudden, you’re considered a “real” band.

As I haven’t been in that situation I have no idea what could be considered a success. What is success to you?
-Tough one. Having an album out is success, in a sense, even if that’s when things get more serious and the demands higher. Going out on tour and watching the crowd go nuts every night, is a kind of success.
Gaining the respect of your peers is also a kind of success.
Having the freedom to play what you like and actually making a living out of it, is a type of success few ever achieve.

What would you like to see the future hold for you?
-Great record sales, getting out to play live more often and recording our next album! Thanks for the interview!

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