I’m trying to remember how it was that I came upon DEAD CITY RUINS but I can’t seem to recall where I heard of them. I do know why I got stuck on them. This is hardrock the way hardrock used to sound like in the 70s/80s. No fuss – just buzz. Singer Jake answered the questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I might be out on thin ice but I say that there is a specific Aussie metal sound that is immediately noticeable. How much of an Aussie band is Dead City Ruins?
-Well our passports say we are all Australian citizens… if you are asking us do we think we sound like AC/DC then the answer is no

What does it mean to have two of the greatest bluesy hardrock bands in the world in AC/DC and Rose Tattoo coming from Australia when you are a young and struggling band?
-They are great bands , the reason they are great is not just their music, to be in a rock band in Australia you have to have a better work ethic than say Europe or America because there is no market for rock here. To play shows in a different city we have to drive for 10 hours just to play for free and to no one. This creates a great hard working band, keeps us hungry and willing to do anything to get out of here. Bands like AC/DC and ROSE TATTOO just show us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you work hard enough.

On that note. With so much people living in Australia why do we see so few hardrock/metal bands making it big abroad? You seem to be good at exporting actors/actresses but not rock bands.
-We just toured Europe for three months last August, September, October and it cost us over $35,000 Aussie dollars. To pay for this I personally worked 10 hours a day digging holes and the other boys didn’t have it much better. Australia does not have any support for rock or metal, these bands have to do it them selves and its just too damn expensive for most.

With an album out does the exposure you’re getting in media change? Is it like they take you more serious now when you have something to show for?
-I think as a band these days you have to have something recorded even before you can get a gig. Every band has an album or E.P out I think it has lost its power to impress. People take us seriously because we are willing to financially cripple ourselves just to tour outside of our own country.

How do you take it from releasing an album to the next step? How hard are you ready to work for it to happen?
-I have lost jobs because I spent the whole day booking shows on the work computer. A band has to be ready to starve, to be ripped off and sold for nothing. Get a recording, book more shows than you think you can handle, take it to the masses.

How hard is it to find your own sound when you have just a limited number of chords you can use? How does one find its sound?
-All you can do is practice, practice, practice it will come to you. I think music and bands should be constantly evolving, looking and listening for new inspiration. We can’t all be AC/DC and just keep making money off the same album.

How much have you modelled yourself on bands of yesterday? How much do you look to the present for bands to identify with?
-Our influences are all from the past, Maiden, Motorhead, Alice in chains, Megadeth, Thin lizzy etc.. when you grow up listening to and playing this kinda stuff of course it’s gonna influence your sound and style but we don’t really model ourselves from any one band. We seek inspiration from today’s rock bands for drive and motivation to keep rock and roll alive.

What kind of crowd do you attract? Are you popular with a specific section of the hardrock/metal audience?
-Our Melbourne crowd are a bunch of drunken lunatics who spend most of the show either falling over or making out with filthy women. I would say, like all rock and metal, we attract the social misfits, the crowd with no crowd to call their own.

I guess that you have pictured a perfect world for Dead City Ruins. Where do you see yourself fit in on a world wide scale?
-This question is written quite insultingly, “I guess that you have pictured a perfect world for Dead City Ruins” we are not 15 year old children dreaming of being Motley Crue, we are a hard working, touring rock band. We are not looking for any handouts, we will continue to play and tour till we are dead. I don’t see this band being on the world wide top 10 charts but I do see us playing bigger shows to bigger crowds in Europe and eventually America and playing the music we want to hear.

What would you like to happen next to the band?
-We are aiming to be on the large European festival circuit in 2013 till then we will be playing bars and clubs in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, England and where ever the hell we can.

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