DEAD HORSE pretty much blew my socks of when I heard them the first time back in the late 80s/early 90s. This wasn’t your ordinary thrash metal band. They had a huge dose of humour to their attitude. Now that they are back I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

When I mail-ordered the Horsecore LP from you guys in 1989 I thought of you as more of a joke band (together with Darth Vader Church) but time has proven otherwise. What were your intentions when you formed Dead Horse?
Allen – Like any real Musicians we wanted to “Make it”! When first formed, Brain Dead (pre deadhorse), wanted to be more of a skater punk alternative metal band like Suicidal Tendencies and DRI. In 1989 there was no Seattle wave of alternative music, hippies in Texas were wearing flannel shirts and goatee beards way before that scene.

I totally missed out on your “Boil(ing)” LP. How different was it from the Horsecore one?
Scott – The Boil(ing) e.p. was slower, more re-fined, less humor (even though there’s humor), recorded better, mixed better etc.
Allen – Boil(ing) took deadhorse back in the direction we wanted to go all along. If you ever hear the Feed Me EP you can see the change. A lot of people after Peaceful Death were thinking of us as a “Death Metal” band and that is not the direction we ever intended to go in.

Like I said I thought you were some take on bad westerns and cowboys when I bought that first album. Then years later I get to hear an Entombed cover of “Scottish Hell” and all the pieces fell into place. I wasn’t the only one that totally adored “Horsecore”. What kind of feelings do you get when a band like Entombed cover one of your songs?
Scott – I remember the first time I heard the Entombed version, I was pretty stoked, and of course we all dig Entombed.
Allen – We had a blast on tour with Entombed. They are good guys. BUT, they never paid us one dime for the rights or royalties. Still love them though.

What made you call the quits in 1996?
Scott – Bad management, bad business decisions, bad blood.
Allen – The stress of family life, Divorces, and a long distance member of the band took its toll.

And why are you back in 2011?
Allen – For 15 years there has been children whose parents have been talking about deadhorse. A new generation of fans. Man it’s all about the fan. Instead of drinking 40s we are all in our 40s
What the fuck were we thinking, Scott?
Scott – To re-release the Boil(ing) record. See if people missed us.

When you leave a mark such as the one you did, intentionally or not, how do you tackle peoples adoration years later? Is it even comprehensible that people remember what you did 20 years ago?
Allen – Honestly we never realized what we had done in the scene in Texas. After 15 years there are still people contacting us from San Francisco to Georgia wanting to set up shows.
If you ever saw us play you remember that we tried to be entertaining at best, even if we were out of tune, had not lights or were just trashed ourselves. But it was our fan base then and now that sustain the Horsecore.

What kind of scene were you part of back in the days. What you did in the late 80s/early 90s was kinda new?
-Houston and Texas in that era was a Boiling pot of amazing talent. The scene was active and the live show venues were doing great jobs promoting artists, CD sales were hot. Now instead of going out and getting a disk people sit at home and download. Ticket sales have become so high it is pure insanity. $15 ticket – $5 dollar sir charge and people have come to accept it or just not participate. We were always careful not to play too much. That way when it was time for a show people would turn out.

What are the best memories from that time capsule?
Scott – For me personally, my fondest memory was opening for Sepultura in 1996 in Dallas at Deep Ellum Live, sold out crowd. Sepultura had a night off opening for Ozzy supporting their “Roots” CD, and called us to play with them. Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul were at that show standing on my side of the stage, I completely forgot what song I was playing for about 5 seconds when I noticed them standing there… I Stole all of Life of Agony’s beer out of their dressing room, because they were complete douche-bags to us. Great times!
Allen – Roll’n and a Puck’n of coarse!

How far did Dead Horse reach the first time around? I’m in Sweden and I got to hear of you through a flyer/reading fanzines.
Allen – We toured California to New York and Canada about 5 times over. We had a chance to go to Europe but our management turned it down, even though we said “go for it”. Would have been low on money but we would have killed on merchandise. For a band with so much potential deadhorse has had the worst management you can buy. AHHH!

What can we expect from you now that youre back again?
Scott – Better, musicianship, better vocal, better attitudes!
Allen – God willing a new FULL length recording and some live mayhem!

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