DEADEND IN VENICE have taken this dual vocals stuff one step further in good old HC style despite being influenced by the melodeath scene. Interview done with Christian. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

What made you form Deadend In Venice? What influenced you/keep influencing you?
-Hi! „Deadend in Venice” is the essence of our will and the idea we call „Always straight forward!”. (Like in our song „Long way home”) We already knew each other for years before the creation of „Deadend”. Everyone had bands and projects before. One of those included big parts of today’s band but kind of lost its way through the years. After a bigger break the same guys came together and talked about the formation of a new „100 %”-project. Rigth from that point the essential parts of „Deadend” began to work… and here we are know! It is still a long way to go but we feel well prepared and keep going – Always straight forward!

Having formed in 2008 and releasing an album just 2-3 years later is pretty good going. Seeing as the band is so young have you experienced any kind of jealousy from older bands not making it?
-If there are problems like that, then they didn’t tell us. 😉 So the answer is no, we didn’t experience anything like that. But to be honest I think we are not that „big” up until now and/or we don’t feel it in that way. We play small shows and appreciate them as much as the big ones. We have a lot of fun with the other bands and are very interested in their shows too. The connection to other musicians is essential and we want to keep a good one to them!

Looking at the cover art and reading the title there seem to an apocalyptic theme to it all. What do you want to say with the title and art work?
-A lot of the lyrics on „See you on the ground” are critical comments about mankind and society. The idea of taking that as a kind of concept grew and that’s how we came up with it. In connection with our bands name we decided to give our artworker some ideas and directions for the cover and he did a very great job! For example, our song „Tomorrow never comes” was created during that decisions and we wanted to have it as a kind of sum up and key title for our album.

How do you as a pretty new act get a record deal? Is it all down to social Medias or do you have another recipe to share?
-I think there is no special recipe for that. Right from the beginning we wanted to keep a higher standard also in the quality of our recordings. So we went into the studio, even for our older demo-tracks. Those we spread, at first mainly with mySpace which lost a lot of importance up until now. But there we got in contact with Casket music. They took the chance and just wrote us a mail if we are interested in working together. So they found us! At that moment we didn’t really think about firms – we were working on our material and then later we wanted to check whose interested – it was quite surprising. So as I said, there is no recipe – just show yourself to the world!

The band name is very specific. What is it about dead ends in Venice that inspired you to take this as your moniker?
-As mentioned before, the idea behind the name is also connected to the apocalyptic theme we chose for „See you on the ground”. Some day, when we’d decided to make a new start with a new project we already knew in which way our work will go. I wanted to connect the harsh and rough side of metal and the beauty and brightness of our clean female voice. Interested in some documentations about Venice and it’s problems with the floods I came up with the idea of that metaphor. Like Venice is sinking into the ocean, also by manmade problems I compared that situation with the whole world. The Dead End is just the picture of being trapped and it is also some kind of hard word. So the name was born, DEADEND IN VENICE ! 😉

To me just having one vocalist would be hard and having two would be hell. How do you go about writing songs in a manner that they don’t feel repetitive?
-We are very used in working together through the composing process. Every song has its own feeling that is created long before the vocals get on it. Some ideas are growing when Annabell has an idea for a nice line to sing some by guitar riffs and melodies. I create the lyrics parallel to the creation of the music. All those components work together very well and so we hope that listeners also will hear the differences we feel in our tracks. For us every title is unique and I think this will be even more the case on the new ones. We will allow the listeners a deeper view into our innerselves on the next album and so every song is about different feelings. I hope and think people will hear that!

You seem to have been receiving great reviews from the German metal press. Is it easy to start thinking that you’re the greatest metal act since sliced bread with all the accolades you’ve been getting?
-Are we talking about the same press? 😉 No, honestly I have to say that we are very proud about the good ones and feel very well when one comes up, that’s true. But: The critcal ones are the more interesting for us. We read all of them and decide if the words and ideas are right or if the author just didn’t get the same view on our tracks that we have. If there are points we also see and agree we keep on working on that problems, not for the reviewers but we are open to inspirations. So; no we don’t feel as the greatest metal act. We know that there are a lot of points we can work on and make even better. And we will – I hope! But I think our feelings won’t change, even after that – there is always space to work on.

Being German you can have a pretty good career in metal without leaving the country. What is it that drives you to have an international career?
-We like shows in other countries. People are different from place to place and country to country. German crowds for example can be a bit stubborn and it can be hard to get them move. In other places they prefer headbanging instead of mosh pits and everywhere it is another kind of fun during the shows. …and to get out of Germany means that there is even more places to tour! 😉

To me it seems that the ways of old, like touring constantly, still is the way to make your band heard off. How do you go about setting up tours in this day and age when money’s tight and people rather sit in front of their computers downloading?
-One word – difficult! People are still interested in shows but don’t want to pay as long there is no „real big” act during the evening. That makes touring not easy even with a good line up, but that is no reason for leaving it be. It is the same as everything else – Do it if you really want to! The downloading problem is another one. For bands like us I think it don’t even is a „problem”. On that way we’ve reached much more people than we would have without. It was easy to check that by using the internet. Yes, it would be very nice if all those listeners would have bought our album but to be honest – a lot of them wouldn’t have heard of us without the presence in downloading forums. …and maybe those are the next crowds in our shows, maybe buying merchandise and giving us great evenings.

Deadend In Venice’s future look bright. What can we expect from you guys in the future?
-We hope a lot! We have plans for touring next year and keep on working on new stuff. We want to show presence and hope to see a lot of people on the road and concerts. We have also ideas for new merchandise stuff to keep our „crazy monkey metalheadz” dressed! A lot of things to check so keep looking for updates:

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