If you like classic US metal you really should check out DEADLANDS. I guarantee that they’ll be to your liking. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When I saw the name DEADLANDS it made me think of classic US metal like Metal Church. What inspired you guys to start the band?
-As a bunch of friends we were talking about how there wasn’t really any current metal out there being done the way we would like to hear it. So we decided to form DEADLANDS in the summer of 2010… Brian, Michael, Kevin, Danny and myself. All of us are longtime friends who all hail from Sacramento, California U.S.A. Our goal is to write and produce our own brand of Heavy Metal, the kind of Metal we wanted to hear that know else was doing. We use our combined past and present influences as a foundation and inspiration for our unique musical direction.

Is it important that the band name acts as some sort of declaration of intent for people to know what to expect?
-Yes, it is definitely a good indicator to show what a band is about. When you hear names like Iron Maiden and Slayer, you know what you’re getting into. We wanted to achieve that with our name, as well.

How tough is the climate for classic metal in the States? What is the latest bullshit trend that makes the round these days?
-It’s not huge in the States; there are not a lot of bands that even fall into that category. However, it’s worked great for us because over here it is a unique sound, and that helps to separate us from the thousands of bands that all sound the same. As far as trends, we try to be open minded, but I saw a Dubstep/Metalcore band the other day, that was pretty horrible!

How do you win over those that haven’t discovered classic metal yet?
-Sometimes you just have to be yourself, and write music that is appealing to you. People in general, can tell when a band is sincere, and that alone can win people over. We also play in a lower tuning and incorporate some Lamb Of God type riffs, here and there. That’s something the younger generation can relate to a little more.

How do you convince people that there is a greater metal beyond metalcore?
-Some people can’t be convinced. However, metalheads of all sorts, like it when a band is technically capable. The fact, that everyone in the band is capable of technical playing, has helped us earn respect amongst other bands of different genres.

When you have a bunch of big time names doing guest guitar solos on your album what does that bring to the record? How do you best utilize that much experience in the short amount of time that they appear?
-It has brought lots of attention for us. Even though, we crammed a lot of great guitarists into Final Solution, we feel they definitely got the point across. I do believe that this was a first in Metal history, that these particular chosen guitarist of Mercyful Fate & King Diamond have appeared together all on the same song “Final Solution” (Hank Shermann, Michael Denner, Andy LaRocque, and Mike Wead).

How do you sell a metal record today? Is the music alone enough or do you have to offer something more?
-The music is always the most important part. But, we added guest guitarists and a Dio cover, in order to help make the album more marketable.
When you’ve been around the corner more than once with what kind of anticipation do you enter a new avenue? What do you expect to get out of it this time around?
-This time around, has already treated us very well. We just hope that our fan base keeps growing!

How much are you ready to sacrifice to make DEADLANDS make it big? How much can it cost you do get the band going worldwide?
-We all work hard at our craft, and will continue to do whatever is in our best interests to achieve success. Being signed to Massacre Records has helped us accomplish being heard and marketed, worldwide.

Has the climate for gigging changed to mostly include festival gigs nowadays? What kind of touring circuit is there left these days?
-Everyone enjoys festivals. It’s the best way to get introduced to other bands fans. In the states, it is popular to tour from city to city, playing clubs that support Metal.

What would you like to see happen in the coming 6 – 12 months?
Success in record sales, and touring with some great bands, whether, it’s in the states or overseas.
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